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Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Long Weekend...

20 march 08, Thursday:
Visited the Chinese physician again. He said I have been walking too much as the blood cots bruises do not seems disappearing... in fact there are some new ones. He explained if walk too much, the "ben1 dai4" will still continue to 内出血 then the healing of the torn "ben1 dai4" would take much longer time.

21 march 08, Friday:
ZY and family are leaving for US next saturday. so we had a farewell lunch at Kallang Mushroom Pot. The turnout was pretty good... we occupied 2round tables n another small squarish one. Took few group photos at the end of the day =) Then WY gave us a lift to Marina Square where we catch a show there. kekee=p its a scary movie abit gross also...BUT definitely much 'bttr' than thai one!!!

22-23 march 08, Sat & Sun :
Been resting at home all the way either spending my time sleeping or playing games kekee=p Ohh managed to get some tasks done too...
1) Changed my phone memory stick to 2G one
2) Copied the new game to dsLite (but havent tried out)
3) Transferred to new wallet=p
4) Sent in my earings for repair but due for collection in weeks


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