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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Time to blog again

Guess I have abandoned my blog more than a yr? Started missing it since long time but its a human err to procrastinate? Sighz... okok Will try not to already =)

2008 was a busy year throughout for me. Though I may not be actively involved in every "event" but I feel its already quite challenging for me able to manage one site solely in the few events. Indeed a great exposure to me, definitely learn alot along the way. Especially on the soft skills part when comes to handling the users. I think that I still do have not much confidence when speaking to them. And some of them could be quite intimidating coz after all I'm kind of in a male-dominating industry. kekee=p

Anyway, I strongly believe that so long we get the facts correct and able to communicate with them CALMLY to get our explanations/ideas across. They should not be penalised us much hahaa=p
Managed to attend the CCNA course this early this year 2009 feb as activities would be slowly ramped up. Its quite a tough 5-day course and wonder how would I ever get certification on this, sighz... Have this colleague whom he took the exams 2 or 3 times already, still haven't cleared it. SO... how many times do i need? hahaaa...


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