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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

eAt & sHoP @ Thomson Plaza

kekee... Worked OT today but fortunately got a free ride from our users =p So Jan and I settled our dinner at Thomson Plaza. We had Sushi Tei and 真姐 dessert afterwards then followed by a bit of window shopping. And yeah!!! We happened to see these cutie piggy banks... so decided to get them. We bought 5 in total hahahaa coz Jan and I got 2 each - one for ourselves, the other one for BFs. kekee=p then the last one is for VAN! lalalaa...

So irony... we spent money in order to save more money? hmm anyway, I got excited over them =p and quickly turned on my webcam when I got home just to show them to DD. Followed by posting them now...


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