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Monday, April 20, 2009

So Dramatic?!?!?!

Never in my life would I thought that someone would actually scold me "不要脸" for nothing!!! I have done nothing wrong and neither did I steal her boyfriend or husband... sigh What did I do to deserve this kind of scolding ah? =(

Though I dun feel any anguish in me even till now coz I didnt do anything against my conscience but then at the point, I shed few tears upon hearing the word from that stupid woman's mouth... And this woman is none other than my DD's cousin. Strange right? This sounds like it is from a very typical scene of some dramas. And I was thinking along the drama way that perhaps she secretly likes my DD all along else why I get this kind of attention from her? kekee=p My DD told me off that I'm crazy by letting my imagination goes wild but... who knows right? =p

Well, every person has 2 sides - evil & angelic... One small part of me feels like telling the whole world what have I gone through last sunday at my DD's place. And this is happening now lalalaaa=p


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