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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ended so fast...

Got back home quite late for the last 2 saturdays. Last saturday after vball, the guys treated us (gals) a dinner as an appreciation. As we were such a bunch of adorable, cute and crazy cheerleaders!!! ha ha ha =p Then some of us went to Zhiwei's house for mj, ktv and carrom... kekee=p Ailing said that was the FIRST time, the number of gals outnumbered the guys. Had a long long talk with Ailing and Zhiwei while waiting the rest finished the mj... =)
As for Yesterday went to Singapore American School to support the guys' friendly games. Initially, me and Huiling thought it was going to be just me and her going down. But much to our surprise, Ailing and Cat turned up and in fact, they reached there earlier than us. And also Wanyi and Carol...
For me and Huiling, we were just too bored, dont want to stay at home and do noting so decided to go down to support the guys. But then the games were not as interesting as we expected... sighz... Luckily we had Ailing. It always so fun to have her around... kekeke=p
Although Huiling and I planned to catch a movie after that, we set on KTV in the end as Joe had a sudden urge for it... so wouldnt wanted to disappoint him. The entire KTV session was so funny and enjoyable... as everyone was trying very hard to 'impress' each other by kept using the 'jagons' we learnt from the Superstar judges. For exmple, 'headvoice', '感动度','麻点' , etc... hahaaa=p