sPeCiAl MoMeNtS n SiMpLe tOtS

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Genting Trip

Though I have been to Genting before, I still felt a little bit excited... kekeke=p coz its my first time taking the coach. =) The bus is spacious and comfortable and there are blankets provided too! But the air-con is super strong, all of us still complained its too cold even with our jackets on. The bus was showing Stephen Chow's movie, "Kong Fu" then. Not too sure at what time we reached Genting. All I know its still very early before we can check in so we visited the casino. Some of us chipped in some money to play the "Pao Ma Ji" (Racing Horse) and won abit of money... kekeke=p Think Cat won 200+ too. But luck is not with us all the time, they lost everything on the very next day... =( We went to the Outdoor Theme Park after having our breakfast. All of us tried almost all the rides but not the "Space Shot" because its under maintenance. Heard from Shuzhen that its FOREVER under maintenance as she didnt manage to play too when she was in Genting that time. She told me that there was an accident years back and its nvr open to public since then... Next, some of us decided on leg massaging while the rest went to the "Flying Venture" before dinnertime. After that, Huiling and I walked ard to shop. kekeke=p By the time we went back to our hotel rooms, I almost dropped dead. The next morning, we spent only $10+ to have a nice breakfast buffet kekeke=p After that, some of them went to try the flying thingy again. Hmm... basically, theres nothing much you can do there unless u LOVE gambling alot... keke=p But I still enjoyed the trip. =)

Mizuno Warehouse

The night before the trip, Danny sent Wanyi, Cedric and me home after our dinner. In the car, all of them urged me to take leave on Friday so that we can go to Mizuno warehouse to have a look. I was quite reluctant at first coz its too last min but they kept persuading me... and finally yes, I gave in. kekeke=p As they were going in the afternoon so I just took halfday leave =) Then I went to Paya Lebar MRT station so that Danny will pick me up from there. Since it was near Jinmei's working place so was thinking of visiting her during lunchtime... kekeke=p We chatted abit while I was waiting for Danny and Wanyi at the traffic light. The sun was quite scorching and even though I was standing in the shade, I felt as if I were in an oven. The weather making me abit impatient but soon, felt abit giddy... and SLEEPY too =p Then Danny called saying they are going to eat at Spore Post Centre so I quickly dashed towards it! As I already taken my lunch with Pris and Shuzhen so I decided to wander ard while Danny and Wanyi having their lunch. When we were in the car to the warehouse, due to my sleepiness and laziness in me... =p didnt really speak a word. Hmm, they might be thinking that I was mad at them... (I hope not!)hahhaaa=p Ya, one question, why do warehouses only accept cash payment? Whats the link? Can't they accept NETS as well? And because of that, we called Jimmy to bring more cash when he is on the way as both Danny and Wanyi wanted to get a pair of shoes. kekeke=p In the end, Danny and Jimmy didnt get anything while Wanyi and me got socks and kneepads. As its still early, we made a trip down to Queensway Shopping Centre as Wanyi is dying to get a pair of shoes =) And she did (and Danny too)...with discounts somemore. Then after that, Danny drove us to Golden Mile for our trip... kekeke=p

Friday, April 22, 2005

Missed JaZZ n yOgA...

Vincent forgot abt Jinmei's shoes on Monday morning so we din get to attend the Jazz class, so sad... Anyway, we went for yoga at Cineleisure Orchard. The pace was ok for me but apparently, it was NOT for Jinmei. As on and off, I could see her sticking out her tougue to gasp for air and look at me kekeke=p Actually, I was prepared to go for yoga in the evening but realised I forgot abt Danny's match with Chong Pang CSC which is Cedric's team... hahhaa=p So I sacrificed my yoga in the end. But then I got to know who Wanyi's idol is... kekeke=p The No. 9!!! We went to Jalan Kaya for pratas after the match. It was Johan's treat... think he already got his bonus so THANKS ah... kekee=p Basically, nothing much going on this week except the Genting trip. I more or less finished packing, err... just going for 2 days only kekee=p *Yawning* need to reach office early coz maybe on halfday.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

End of Weekend...

Waking up with whole body aching... guess its the effect of KS. =) Was undecisive rather at first on whether wanna go for Yogasana later in the evening... Still went in the end coz if i missed it, they will deduct one day off. Jinmei finished her paper today and didnt know shes so eager over Amore that she smsed me asking me to go for classes on the next day kekeke=p ... We decided on Jazz class at Parco Bugis Junction. Feeling so excited as I always wanted to try it but just couldnt make it till now. =)

A Worn out Sat...???

Tuition was postponed to the afternoon so thought could sleep a little late the next morning... But decided to join Huisi for Kardio Sculpt class at 9.30am... so gave up the luxury of sleeping late =) I was totally exhausted after the KS... It is really a fast paced and high intensity cardiovascular and toning workout, it almost took my breathe away!!! hahahaa=p After that, Huisi and I stayed for Free ABT and Yoga... kekee=p Then after I reached home, I took a nap before going for vball... Sighz... vball at spans... dont wanna talk much on it. Feeling so lousy... =(

Friday, April 15, 2005

Vball at KA

Went down KA for vball after work... Though Wanyi went down too but she didnt play at all... coz she dun feel like playing... =( Sighz... Got new brusies added on my right knees *sob*... very painful!!! Forgot it was outdoor court, only realised when my knees landed on the ground and OUCH... too late =( Wenyao is going to nag at me for sure... After vball, the guys went to the nearby hawker centre to have their dinners but both Wanyi and I didnt eat... maybe we wanted sleep... =) As usual, Danny sent Wanyi and me back home.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

KTV with RH gang... fInAlLy=p

Lixiang suggested for singing sessionfor our next meetup but due to unforeseen circumstances (at work) it kept pushing backwards... But that was excluding the RH people as they having been so busy and on 24hrs standby mode.Then when Daniel got to know abt it and was quite enthusastic (surprisingly)... He went to ask Andrew and Pei too and both gave positive replies... hahaa... But very weird, after a while I received Pei's sms - she was asking whether we (US people) are keen for a ktv session!! Anyway, Priscilla, Shuzhen and I just take it that it was invitation from them and they are the "organisers" kekeee=p But then after that "no further news" from them... so we went ahead without them...=p And Matthew made a reservation from 6pm to 10pm at Shenton Way Party World. Then who knows, Pei came over to US during lunchtime so we told her our plans and asked her to join us if she can... =) It was a very busy Thursday for everyone... so we changed our booking starting from 7pm onwards... Priscilla, Shuzhen and I shared a cab down and we successfully "smuggled" in our dinners in Pris's bag... hahhaaa=p When we reached, Matthew was already there and started singing... kekke=p Then Lixiang arrived after a while and followed by Andrew, Daniel and Pei... Pris went back abit eariler and we continued to sing until abt 11pm. After the session, Matthew went back to office (working at night shift now=p), Lixiang and Shuzhen shared a cab then rest of us took the public transport. The poor Andrew... went home to shower first then went back RH at 2am for a major deployment... sighz...

mY tUrN oF rEcHaRiNg CoMiN...!!!

Lixiang came back from her diving trip at Perhantian island and Shuzhen back from Redang for snorkelling EVEN Quiting has returned from her Taiwan trip... Cant wait for my Genting trip on 22 Apr any longer...!!! Though no "trekking" in Genting, its better than nothing, correct??=p Sighz, need a break badly... =( Well, guess everyone has to recharge themselves once a while in order to be constantly EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE at work!!! hahhaa=p Shuzhen had a "Yan(4) Yu(4)" in Redang!!! A cute guy came up to talk to her while her friends went to get some drinks... kekek=p But then her some friends not very "Seng Mo" (in cantonese)... coz when they were back, they said something which made the guy shy and left abruptly!!! Here gone Shuzhen's potential "spring"... =( She said that she wont be going on trips with that group of her friends anymore!!! kekeke=p


Been quite a while since I updated my blog. Guess I dont have much things going on recently. Had vball on sat as usual... =) I reached ard 7plus as the guys already started training for their open-competition in Sep. Though Johan booked the court from 6 to 10, think we played another half an hr for free... hehee=p The last few games were enjoyable and exciting, the reason being that the 2 teams' points were quite close. We played one game after another... until most of the guys "dropped dead" and surrendered... kekeke=p. As the guys did most of the "attacking" - spiking and "defending" - blocking so we gals, were not as exhaustic as the guys (in fact, I think I still can continue playing!!!=p). But even after the very last game, Cedric and Jimmy C still wont give up, kept shouting "Come, Let's play another game..." blah and blah.... =p Was thinking that with Cedric and Joe in the team, it will boost up the whole team's morale. Looking at how ethusaistic and encouraging they are (NOW=p), one thing I know for sure is Danny as a coach has lesser burden to bear hahaaa=p... With their help in coaching, he also can train himself to ensure his skills wont become stagnant...=p

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My First Time...

Attended Hip Hop dance on wednesday night. It was great mann!!! I started perspiring in less than 15mins... can u imagine!!! kekee=p The instructor is very interesting and funny guy which made the class very lively... kekeke=p Though some of us are having some body/hands/legs coordination problems, we still managed to keep up with the fast-paced moves... hahaa think my steps are super ugly but who cares!!! Everyone was there to learn right? =p There were physical trainings as well - we did different kinds of crunches (until stomach cramp!!) and push-ups (those "standard ones" ah...) One word can describle that "SIONG"!!! Sighz... but too bad, dont think can continue attending that class anymore because my tuition has changed to Wednesday... *sob*...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Tiring Sat

Had tuition from 930am to 1230pm, after that I went for both Fundamental and Beginner Pilates classes then rushed down for vball at abt 4pm and played until 7pm... =( so TIRED... This morning dragged myself out of the bed for tuition with my eyes hardly opened. Luckily I managed to keep myself awake and conscious throughout the tuition session =p. "Neutral spine position..." was something that I kept hearing from the Pilates instructor. I found Pilates very tough as all the time we have to suck in our belly, breathe through the ribs cage (expand when inhale and contract when exhale) and then use our core muscle - abdominal muscle to control the movements we made... A lot of us got some of the movements wrongly at the first try. Hmm, guess really have to keep practising in order to get them correct. Think I used up my concentration in the Pilates lesson so when came to vball, I was unable to focus at all... and so blur =(

Let's Help Each Other...

A person who lives with RIDICULE, learns to be TIMID. A person who lives with CRITICISM, learns to be CONDEMN. A person who lives with DISTRUST, learns to be DECEITFUL. A person who lives with ANTAGONISM, learns to be HOSTILE. A person who lives with AFFECTION, learns to LOVE. A person who lives with ENCOURAGEMENT, learns CONFIDENCE. A person who lives with TRUTH, learns JUSTICE. A person who lives with SHARING, learns to be CONSIDERATE. A person who lives with KNOWLEDGE, learns WISDOM. A person who lives with PATIENCE, learns to be TOLERANT. A person who lives with HAPPINESS, will find LOVE and BEAUTY.