sPeCiAl MoMeNtS n SiMpLe tOtS

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Patch Management

dunno if we went crazy coz of it... beside eating to our heart content, we took some funny pics to de-stress abit hahaa!!! must say van really know how to pose in front of the camera... ever since our bbk trip kekee=p perhaps i was the one who unleashed her potential!!!=p

look at the snacks & food we had... and the pics we taken kekee=p

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Immune System is UP!!!

Yuppie, finally fully recovered from flu on Thursday so met up with Grace for dinner at TPY Central. kekee... and we had SUBWAY =p Had a long chat with her regarding her wedding plans... and its more or less settled except her flat. =) Oh ya, going to be her bridesmaid!!! hahaa thought the idea of having 'bridesmaid' is no longer in the 'trend' hmm... just agreed with that anyway =p
To 'make up' for the days that I was sick, went iceskating after work on friday. kekee All of us dont know how to 'stop gracefully' so most of times we were sneaking at others how they actually did it and we practised on our own kekee=p all of us had numerous of falls... except VAN!!! Shes so steady lor. As for me, I fell coz I did it intentionally to avoid the 'crashing'... hahaa need to stop in time =p Anyway after that I thought the day will just ended BUT... they were so energetic!!! Suggested KTV at Clementi... well I did join them since tuition on next day was cancelled =p

ohh all of us were rushing reports like mad on friday morning... only managed to have our lunch at abt 2plus 3 before heading to site for patch management... poor us =( So super hungry (look at the plates!!!) And then jan & ZY were fighting over this bowl of SOUP!!! ya not the residues of it... tsks tsks...

Friday, June 15, 2007



好像还差一点 一点

就让我说爱你 一百遍

不够 还不够
你放了手 却放了手

反正只是 没爱过


Thursday, June 14, 2007


作曲:徐世珍 作词:阿沁
演唱:阿沁 李玖哲

(沁) 天空不断下着无声的雪 而我只有思念 勉强能温暖黑夜
(李) 拥抱离我已经千山万水 每个男人都有 说不出的心碎 oh yeah~
(沁) 我还爱着一个人 但愿 回到美好的从前
(李) oh yeah 也许痛的感觉 证明了爱的深浅
(合) 不然为什么我还不撤退 wo wo~

(合) 记得爱 就有幸福的片断
(李) 所以才已经忘记要离开
(沁) 伸出手 继续勇敢付出我的爱
(合) 原地不动的等待 就算风把我的头发吹乱
(李) 记得爱 是我给我的答案
(沁) 就不再 考虑应该不应该
(李) 一滴泪 落进无边无际的大海
(李) 就算我们都活得
(合) 没有遗憾

(合) oh~ yeah~
(合) 我还爱着一个人
(李) 但愿回到美好的从前
(沁) 也许痛的感觉证明了爱的深浅
(合) 不然 为什么我还不撤退 oh~

(合) 记得爱 (沁)就有幸福的片断
(李) 所以才 一直忘记要离开
(沁) 伸出手 (合)继续勇敢付出我的爱
(沁) 原地不动的等待 就算风把我的头发吹乱
(李) 记得爱 是我给我的答案
(沁) 就不再 考虑应该不应该
(李) 一滴泪 (合)落进无边无际的大海
(合) 至少我们都活得没有遗憾

(记得爱) (李) 记得爱 (沁)所有幸福的片断
(李) 所以才 一直忘记要离开
(沁) 伸出手 (合)继续勇敢付出我的爱
(合) 原地不动的等待 就算风把我的头发吹乱

(李) 记得爱 是我给我的答案
(沁) 就不用 考虑应该不应该
(李) 一滴泪 (合)落进无边无际的大海
(合) 至少我们都活得没有遗憾
(沁) 只要记得爱 (李)记得爱 (合)就无所谓孤单...


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

nO pLaY, nO fOOd, nO jOgGiNg, nO sHoWsss...

They went The Central for dinner after work... yes WITHOUT me!!! What to do... Sighz...me WEAK ah. Once again like yesterday, kept stuffing tissues into my nose today. And it seems like the tissue just practically sticking onto the nose lor... and Van was laughing at her =( When Jan asked her if im joining them, she replied "ohh.. think she cannot make it le... her voice changed and she already used up 2packets of tissue so what u think..." Argghh... even more 'angry' when they decided to try one of the jap restuarants at The Central!! Alot of people highly recommended the place for jap food!!! But i failed to drag myself along with them *sob sob*... Dont like being sick... cannot do alot of things =( Even wanna watch my OP also cannot... hv to wait for cherriko to pass me the disc... which is dunno when!!! *CRY OUT LOUD*.... fLu fLu fLu pls go away dun ever come back again... will promise with more sleep & vit c!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

dOwN aGaIn...

Woke up very early this morning as got to attend a meeting with the user at 7am on site. But it ended up more like a discussion on how to troubleshoot to narrow down where the problem lies in. Argg.... but some users are not punctual =p so as usual I just stared into blank at times during the wait kekee=p But one of the SAs thought i was eyeing on the curry puffs they were hving!!! So just being polite? He offered some to us but we 'rejected' his 'hao yi'. As obviously, what we needed most at that time was SLEEP, not food hahaa=p And then not too long later, he brought us with more food so this time round we accepted it and he even helped to buy some coffees to us!!! hmm so nice of him hor... (seriously we didnt bully him at all - no 'orders' , no 'hints', no complaints and not even threats thru eye contacts =p)

Anyway after defeating the Zzz monster for awhile, im down with the 'sniffings' & coughings!!! Always hate flu... will defintely get abit drowsy, headache then either noseblock or running nose lor... So end of the day, did not join them for sashimi dinner at Jurong, back home straight... and now blogging kekee=p gng zzz soon coz think got slight fever and then its so qiao WY running a fever now too...

sweet dreams...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

A "FuLL" Day...=p

Originally going for a lunch treat given by Phllyis and Vinson to the "sisters & brothers" for helping out on their wedding after tuition on sat. But coincidentally Da ge chose to hv lunch on the same day so sadly i got to "sacrifice" one of them... kekee=p

Family lunch @ AMKHub

The spread of the day!!!

slurp... Sour plum juice!!! v nice =p

da shao really took a shot of me when i pretend to "pose" in front of her... arrgh so "revenge" taken when they were enjoying their food *evil grin*...

Had a teabreak after walking ard say... a hr or so? kekee=p Then Da ge asked to me do an "audit check" on the prices after the prata man actually came out to check if he really short giving us ONE "gosong" prata. hahaa Da ge damn pissed off then...=p

ohh ya.. dinner - jap food again... =p @ Paragon Shimbashi Soba!!! kekee I think it tastes really good!!! But I was still quite fun from the lunch so shared one bento with cheryl =p And we tried out one of the desserts too... Went home after watching Pirates 3 ( din watch part 1 n 2 lor!!!) kekee anyway got difficulty understanding it... =( even chinese subtitles wont help hahaa... coz brain malfunction by then... =p

Friday, June 08, 2007

oVeRcHaRgEd oR uNdErChArGeD???

keep hving this feeling of insufficient rest eversince im back from the trip... Hmm, other than i got KO all the way at abt 8plus on tues night, there isnt any single night i could able to turn in early!!! omg cannot believe it myself...=( wed supposedly heading home straight but however dropped off at bishan together with ZY to hv dinner at cafe cartel instead. then went to do abit of groceries marketing at ntuc so ended up home ard 9plus. followed by thurs metup with phllyis n major at novena after work. kekee=p it was major's treat again!!! it was at tcc and we are trying to accumulate receipts to hit certain amt in order to get the privilege card ( guess need another ONE more to go!! haha ) nevertheless still managed to drag myself out of the house to jog at abt 10 (yes... finally!!! abit proud of myself=p) And today just met qt for dinner coz need to pass her the stuffs i bought from bkk kekee=p had JAPANESE food AGAIN... why again ah... coz had it twice in bkk mah kekee=p she is gng to australia soon... so envy!! tho she was complaining its a biz trip, i believe she surely hv time (or she will find time) after work to go shopping... just like wat she did for her prev BIZ trips (HK n shanghai) kekee=p so envy her... and ironically she too envy me for being able to go trips with big groups of pple... kekee=p guess its human's nature - 我羡慕你, 你羡慕我... =p

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bangkok 1Jun07 ~ 4Jun07

Spent abt half an hr queuing to clear the immgration and another hr to reach the hotel then walked abt 20mins to reach the jap restaurant to hv our dinner. So by the time that was abt 10plus 11!! The poor guys... who had been waiting for us since when... kekee=p After that, took a walk ard the redlight district - Patpong kekee... Actually nothing much coz we were just at the night markets not those sleezy places hahaa... Guess the guys would be 'paiseh' with the gals tagging along with them... sighz... they must felt quite 'restricted' that time =p The next day we had the hotel breakfast before heading off to Chatuchak. We split into few groups and poor Lucas was the only guy with us so all our shopping bags were carried by him hahaa=p had a sense of satisfaction of prices we wanted thru bargaining!!! Went MBK for lunch at Black Canyon Coffee (my fav!!!) and followed continuing with our shoppings. This time round we insisted to be on our own kekeke=p Went back hotel ard 7plus to wash up to hv seafood dinner. Hmm dunno whats the exact location just know its somewhere near the Rama 8 Bridge. After dinner we went to explore the RCA area which most pubs are situated. Wanted to go "Route66" but were rejected at the doorstep. Reason being -> we gals did not bring along our identity cards!!! HAHA But then fortunately with Van ard, we managed to got into another pub - "Slim" (these 2 pubs are recomended by Siang) After the guys left on sunday, we continued our shopping spree at the usual shopping malls like Siam Square, Siam Central, Paragon, Central Mall, etc... and some night markets... Then we walked back to our hotel from... Central Mall!!! kekee=p But managed to "compensate" by having 4hrs spa n massage the next before leaving for airport... kekee=p okies time for some pics then!!!

our 1st nite @bkk - hving jap food for dinner

Lunch @ MBK Black Canyon Coffee!!!

Seafood Dinner...

Without the guys, we had....

...all these.... YUMMY!!!! kekee=p
ohh and not to forget, my "zhan li ping"...

actually still hv alot of pics... but too tired to upload now... kekee=p another day then... nitez!!!