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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

好愛她 好想他
演唱: 7朵花+183Club
詞: 柯呈雄 曲: 呂紹淳
天應該亮了 你應該睡了 守一整夜的他應該走了
你應該哭了 他應該醒了 想一整夜的我該死心了
我們都沒有錯 只是愛上同一個
只怪愛是獨自佔有 非要拼得你死我活
好愛她 好想她 再這樣下去 我只會更牽掛
愛到最後我們還是改變不了 Ho
祝福她 擁有他 所有的有情人終成眷屬啊
你給過的美好 留在沒有人到得了的地方
天應該亮了 你應該睡了 守一整夜的他應該走了
(天怎麼亮了 我無法睡呢 ………... 怎能放手)
你應該哭了 他應該醒了 想一整夜的我該死心了
(我怎麼哭了 你不該忘了 ………… 太過折磨)
我們都沒有錯 只是愛上同一個
只怪愛是獨自佔有 非要拼得你死我活
好愛她 好想她 再這樣下去 我只會更牽掛
(好愛她 好想她 再這樣下去 也不是個辦法)
愛到最後我們還是改變不了 Ho
祝福她 擁有他 所有的有情人終成眷屬啊
試著把你 慢慢遺忘
(如何把你 慢慢忘掉)
我好爱她 我好想她
好爱她 好想她
好爱他 好想他 再这样下去 我只会更牵挂
Ho 祝福她 拥有他 所有的有情人终成眷属啊
你给过的美好 留在没有人到得了的地方 看你微笑
好爱她 好想她 再这样下去 我只会更牵挂
爱到最後我们还是改变不了 Ho
祝福她 拥有他 所有的有情人终成眷属啊
试著把你 慢慢忘掉

To sum up...

Was too lazy to blog recently... so decided to put up more pics... hahaa... A pic speaks thousand words rite =p Anyway, the photos are not in uploaded sequentially. In fact, I did put in effort in arranging of the sequence of the photos. But hang halfway through when loading them. And its getting late (need to work tml!!!) So I uploaded hastily the second time... =p
Ok to summarise in short, on a sunday (i think) cheryl, major and i metup with feng and david at New Asia after a horror movie - Exorcism of Emily Rose. And also not to forget, a sumptuous Jap lunch cum dinner at MArina Square (its MAJOR's treat, yeah!!!). Then last wed, went Muchuan to support cheryl and feng as both of them got into the second round of audition... hmm, wondering on when the result will be out...=p
okies.... brain cells depleting.... need the bed badly.... NOW....
haha... yes yes.. so weird rite... we also dunno why =p Posted by Picasa
too hungry then to smile at the camera... =( Posted by Picasa
a more proper shoot this time... Posted by Picasa
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sMilEsssssss Posted by Picasa
Obviously we know who is drunk....=p Posted by Picasa
thats what we ordered... guess which is mine!!! (no prize for correct ans=p) Posted by Picasa
finally... the night came =) Posted by Picasa
After 15++ mins...??? sun set??? Posted by Picasa
Daytime at NEw Asia Posted by Picasa

"Carrot cake"...(cher said one) Posted by Picasa
hmm.. squids??!! Posted by Picasa
Err forgot whats it...=p anyWAy its DELICIOUS!!! Posted by Picasa
One of my favourites - Agedashi Tofu Posted by Picasa
kekee softshell crabs again Posted by Picasa
As usual- Softshell crabs... Posted by Picasa
more nice nice food to come...=p Posted by Picasa

followed by feng... Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Why so... Because there are so many December babies!!! hahaa=p So have to crack my head to think what to get for them... then plans for the celebrations... Worst still, more "bombs" to come also! MEaning im going to be very very very broke then... kekee=p But then, come to think... its all HAPPY occasions afterall =p so nvr mind, no money then stay home and watch shows again hahaa =p
Hmm, been blogging lesser and lesser... and shorter and shorter each time... Maybe my life getting boring (ehh, since when I had 'happening' one, don't remember=p), like a routine like that... guess need something to spice up, any suggestions?

Longing for Trips...

If nothing goes wrong, there should be 2 in December. One is KL which is more or less confirmed so right now scouting for coaches. And Yanling and Guoan might be joining. =) The more the merry right...=p
As for Bangkok trip, think Ailing is still asking around who is interested. I hope the response is good. Not so sure who else is interested, only know Ailing (definitely) Cher, Major and me... =p

cher, feng and me at the ktv =p Posted by Picasa

cher and me on the bus.... Posted by Picasa
"当真爱出现的时候, 它就会牢牢地套住......" Posted by Picasa