sPeCiAl MoMeNtS n SiMpLe tOtS

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

DiNNer @ tHe CeNTraL

All had Jap curry udon expect pei and me.

We gals were wondering how come both Ziyi and Major gotten the traditional "Red Bombs"while we have received the unusual black ones...
the ones we're holding are not food menu lor... its the BOMBS!!! =p

Below are the explanations and personally i prefer susan's =p: Siang: becoz their "身份不同"... Susan: thats for "老一辈的"...

Cheryl didnt join us last night and the reason... is being repeated by Siang when someone asked abt it - "She is meeting a guy and its a FRIEND..." then slowly evolved into "ohh... meeting a CAPITAL friend..." kekeke=p Some random pics here and here...

Then Major is the last to reach and that explains there isnt any of his pics here...

After OUR dinner (except Major =p), we went Brewerkz and they had a tower of beer plus some cheeze fries + wings for Major.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hog's Breath Cafe

After the mouth-watering dinner at Chjmes, we spent roughly an hr or more solving some IQ qns from Jan and Lucas... Then followed by a 45mins walk... which was actually intented to go this place called "Timbre" somewhere near Fort Canning?... But it was too crowded so headed back to Raffles City to have some desserts. We hit on some "serious" topics and went on discussing on and on... till Jan almost dozed off... kekee=p

Monday, August 20, 2007

Dinner @ Marina Square

Jan is stressed again... but no sasami for her this time... kekee=p we went dinner at Changing Appetite with the salsa guys... and here comes the food!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

@ Yibang's Place

Was told to reach at 5pm but obviously punctuality is nvr in the dictionary of latecomers... kekee so after all necessary preparation, the bbq cum steamboat gathering officially started at abt... 7plus 8??!?!? Initially thought if possible, will start early end early then maybe can go for the fireworks display again but fat hopes lor... hahaa after the "healthy steamboat" (ate alot of vege and mushrooms=p) helped out in the washing then.... a strained back was gained the basin is TOO LOW for me le!!! =(

Friday, August 17, 2007


Rushed to Esplanade after work trying to "chop" good seats... after which quickly went to pack back our dinners. During "waiting time" after dinner, we played UNO hahaa Its been a donkey years since i last played it =p...
Then just when the fireworks began, there were some inconsiderate people remained standing in front of us!!! Arggh... so throughout the display, got to kneel abit in order not to block the people behind us. And my legs became "ma bi" after the kneeling HAHAA...
Anyway it was still worthwhile being there though our viewing positions werent that good =) EYES (instead of cameras) were busy capturing the beautiful fireworks across the sky, totally mesmerized...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


作詞:周杰伦 + 方文山



是曾与你躲过雨的屋檐 (oh)

又何必去改变 已错过的时间
你用你的指尖 阻止我说再见
想像你在身边 在完全失去之前

或许命运的签 只让我们遇见
只让我们相恋 这一季的秋天
飘落后才发现 这幸福的碎片


Monday, August 13, 2007

YiPpY yUpPy dAe!!!

almost the whole day the flu and sore throat had been torturing me then worst, followed by a heavy headache!!! while hving all these, nearly at the end of the day, jan and zy were giggling after reading off some smses... felt strange so i approached them to ask wat happened, jan said nothing initially then with my persistence, she finally 'owned' up... saying they got a surprise for van!! kekee so i delightfully continued asking wats the occasion and wat do they hv for her, etc... but hor they just refused to fill in me with the details lor... just say i just 'pei he' can le... but in order to 'pei he', i must know exactly wat i need to do rite... hmm... so just wait patiently....
for the time to come...

look wat van gotten for us!!! its black canyon coffee!!! omg... been yearning that since we back from bkk!!! kekeke... van went all the way to katong complex to get them lor after her "lecture"... hahaa then at last, jan told me that they went to search for it last week in fact... when i was alone in the office, doing the installations lor... kekeee=p so sweet of them hor!!! van proudly declared "u r mine for the next one week!!!" hahaaa.... n dun look down on this small little cup, it cured my flu (instantly lor!!!) super happy today... kekeee once a while small little things made the day wonderful...=p

Sunday, August 12, 2007


someday somehow someone said this... so now the reason being is...

"多笑会变得幸福的... 高兴了就笑... 笑了就能让人高兴..."

LoW-cOsT aCTiVitiEs...

vball court was unavailable today so went cycling at east coast just now... kekee it turned out not really a low-cost activity at all hahaa... anyway its good lah coz i hvnt been cycling for a long time... =) enjoyed the breeze alot... then it reminded me of nite cyclings in hall last time kekeee hmm... perhaps shld try out blading another time... =p as for now... time to sleep le... down with flu already... due to insufficient of sleep?? dunno... been sneezing after shower...
"hAaa... cHewWw"...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

fOrCeD tO bE gRoUnDeD...

realised wallet left in the office one when need to exchange pass at dsta =( sighz... so will be penniless for the next 2 days le... so sad... it means no shopping over weekends?? kekee jan said if really want to, it wont stop u - can always get money from parents first... hahaha well its true.. but i dun feel like doing it, kind of weird to 伸手要钱 at this age and somemore started working kekee=p anyway the consolation part is i still hv my EZlink card and some cash at home !! then no vball session fortunately hahaa so not so pathetic lah... can either at home all the way or just out for while and 省 abit can liao...=p

wEaRy... wEaRy...

zy brought us to take a look at the beginner salsa class on wed after work... its somewhere near tanjong pagar mrt station hmm, i think it takes abt 15mins walk? then i landed in a 'difficult situation' as jan let me to come to a decision of taking up the class or not... her stand is so long she got company home after the dance, she will join. i can see she is quite interested, she just 'mind' the distance and the time the class starts (class start late -> end late -> home late -> TIRED) hahaa... her concerns are mine too... so i was the 'bad guy' then =p
wy n frens were playing "通宵" mj on national day till the next morning lor... then thus had tuition early morning at abt 10plus so obviously i hardly slept at all... =( after that took a CAB hurriedly to vivo to catch "SeCrEt". luckily i feel its worth it kekee=p the day before, pris already told its pretty nice and even she watched it twice still couldnt figure out some fine details... must say jay chow quite talented. hes not only musical-inclined not bad in directing too... rather impressed (but still not a die-hard fan of his... ) hahaa...
hmm how do u feel at the end of the day after 2 nites of ktv consecutively?!?!?! kekee confirmed lack of beauty sleep lor... and BROKE too kekeee next week must 'tone down' abit le... go home after work be a gd gal... kekee=p

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

aNotHeR bUsY dAy

yupyup... stuck in the workshop again... finally finished the installations, left the post-config for evelyn to take over. today lunchtime went back office to rest abit but who knows i got to give up my seat lor hahaa... nvr mind in exchange of not so "prominent location" to hv ur eyes closed for a while... is worth it kekee=p
had a game of badminton after work... and ya, 16 of us (wonder if i counted correctly=p) 'participated' this healthy workout... then next was LBN's hubby along with the 2 kids kekee ^^ me stopped playing after the first (and only ONE) set hahaa coz dun really good at it and also wanted to stop contributing to the 'noise pollution' kekee=p jan van and me just couldnt b composed, get 'excited' too easily... hmm, not sure izzit that i wasted too much energy on the 'screamings', i can feel my stomach complaining in the midst of the game lor... so after that, without delay i asked jan wat we hving for dinner... ya FOOD was on my mind all the times plus the usual space-out on n off while watching the rest playing =p ohh we noticed brandon v 'strong' lor... was 'entertaining' LBN's boy by sitting down together with him, holding the racket like a table tennis bat and started hitting the shuttlecock to n fro like a pingpong ball... kekee=p quite patient hor oh ya forgot my 'calendar' again... tml must rem...

Monday, August 06, 2007

mOOd sWinGss...

just aimlessly walked into the hairsalon to hv my hair trim on sunday after xm's hsewarming at compass point... hmm nvr tot that the fringe was too short up till this morning hahaa anyway i still able to take the comments la... just try not to go 'jian ren' too often until it grows back... =p ohh this happen to remind me of my 'super short' hair i once had during sec days and for weeks i ran back home straight after school lor... hahaaa all blame to my mum =p just told the auntie one word - 'SHORT'...
ehh.... hearing too much "sad cases" recently which sort of affected me in a way... im a pessimistic person afterall =) so those who get influenced easily stay away from me k hahaa then... got a shock when i received gc's call last nite as she was crying over at the other end!! she told me she had argument with bf so nearly wanted to go over to her place which is just a stone away from mine but after chatting a while she felt much bttr so aborted the idea of gng over... =) so i still owe her one... must always rem "欠的就该还" hahaa=p

mOn bLuEzZzzz

quite busy today... my time was mostly spent at the workshop doing installations... and brought along a novel thinking while the svr rebooting could do some readings... ya, just started on this novel yesterday BUT it was lying on the table for, say months?!! hahaa already got a thin layer of dust on it when i caught it at the corner of my eye =p nevertheless managed to 'flip' few pages today sighz... got few hiccups here n there =( hopefully tml will b a smooth one for me & close the case!! kekee=p
this week is 4day week kekee today just mon and i cant wait for the holiday to come kekee=p van is on leave this wed onwards... shes flying to australia... ENVY!!! hahaa jan wont lost out to her lor. she suggested some without-van-activites after work =) dunno whtr izzit gng to be too siong for me =p coz tuition has been bring forward to this thur morning so wont wanna stay too late on wed nite =p

Sunday, August 05, 2007

tImE wAiTs No MaN

starting from mid of june till now... it has been quite eventful for me. in fact ever since back from the bkk trip... like so much happened (or still happening) be it good/bad n something seems to be so hopeful but turn out awful... =( lucky everyday pack with work and 'after-work activities' mind always occupied most of times and only time that is resting is SLEEP kekee actually wanted to blog on the series of 'events' in july.. like the days of van's bday celebrations, jacky cheung's concert(<-THUMBS UP!!!), team building camp, gatherings with ex-colleagues, frens etc... ohh got to UPLOAD the photos too. sighz...NO TIME!!! then yesterday student gave me headache also forced me to b nasty... today is bttr, hv some time for myself. went for haircut after xm's housewarming...hmm abit not used... mayb abit short/ugly?? kekee=p

Saturday, August 04, 2007

MaRiNa SoUtH pIeR

Acted like a fool on court in one of the games... hahaha slipped umpteen of times while trying to save the ball up sighz... My vball shoes just dont hv the 'grip' anymore so I simply threw away into the dustbin after putting on HL's that she lent me for the last 2 games... And proved myself that problem of letting the ball to touch the ground doesnt lies on my 'skills', but the SHOES kekeke=p

For dinner, we settled at Lavender then after that HL suggested going Marina South Pier as theres a nice cafe at the roof garden =p But by the time we reached, their last order already over... They closes at midnight hahaa shld have taken our dinner since they do serve food over there. Anyway, nvr mind theres always ANOTHER TIME... kekee

a view taken inside the car when approaching =p
and also a closer look at the name of the cafe?

"ALL look here n FREEZE...." =p

DiNnEr @ Tampines IKEA

Poor mark and CW, we all forgot abt them... Angel only rem abt CW when we hopped into the cab while the other one went AMK hub first then came back office and found all of us disappeared!!! hahaa...

a surprising no of pple who went when they were asked at the last min HAHAA
hmm guess we tried most of the food on the menu kekeee=p got poached salmon, fish & chips, meatballs, spaghetti, chicken wings, apple pie, coffee & etc....