sPeCiAl MoMeNtS n SiMpLe tOtS

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Recently really felt strongly... that i 不想长大 =( So much worries, troubles and responsibilies being an adult... So much has changed... can nvr be the same as before... keep revolving it is just LIFE, cant be helped....

thats my drink - "sophia"... =p Posted by Picasa

me and cher... Posted by Picasa

our delicious "naked gun burgers with melted cheezee..." kekee=p Posted by Picasa

2nd day of 2006 - meetup with cher and feng, went Billy Bombers for lunch (super hungry at that time...=p) Posted by Picasa

My New Year Eve

Sad case... last minute dad asked me to attend a wedding dinner on the new year eve... can't play vball =( But luckily managed to catch some fireworks.. kekee... coz went geylang to meet Huiling they all then Jeffrey drove us to... dunno where (dunno which expressway?) to watch the fireworks... =p so still not too bad...

okay,,, i hv to admit that i really made a mess when cutting the mango cake... guess i was just tired.. (no strength to blow off my candle too...=p) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 14, 2006

hmm.. this pic.... dunno when we took this...=p ANyway we enjoyed our supper - tao huay!!! kekee Posted by Picasa

a proper shot... when all of us still sober... Posted by Picasa

Backdated alot...

Havent been updated my blog since..... MONTHs!!! SIghz what a busy life im leading now... =( Almost forgotten what I did on my birthday and also xmas, new year... Err, made my way down to cher's house after vball, we were celebrating together since our birthdays (included Major) are so close. Hmm, always have to wait for friends to upload pictures then i can update my blog... *sob*... how i wish i hv digitcamera of my own =p busy making wishes.... (think 3 of us gng fall asleep soon.. kekee...)