sPeCiAl MoMeNtS n SiMpLe tOtS

Friday, March 30, 2007

nOtHiNg bUt BaCkLoGsSs

A few frens were rather free at work or just feeling bored on one particular day then realised that I havent been blogging. =p Hmm, coz been very very lazy to update and also not sure how to get it started to be 'updated' again kekeee=p Well, today I try... (real hard!!!) to get it done...

Just Short n sweet updates for the month of March:

9tH mAr 2007, fRiDaY
Attended Dianling's Wedding. Was v punctual but Ting, Xiulan & Xiaoping were very late =p Meiling & Kunjie left early coz SOS from their dearest darling bb boy at home. Sharen reprimanded me for not attending her wedding last yr =( Crop up with work was a lousy n lame excuse she said *sob sob* So will be organising the next outing to make it up. =p

16tH mAr 2007, fRiDaY
PC given the team a WeLcOmE cUm FaReWeLl LuNCh At gReAt WorLD CiTy

10tH mAr 2007, sAtUrDay
Watched "Music & Lyrics" at PS with vBaLL clique. It was warm n touching show but 2 among us fell asleep in the middle of it and I was so lucky to hv one of them sitting beside me. hahaaa....

14tH mAr 2007, wEdNeSdAy
Watched "300". Found on internet that its a semi-histortical film showing how The 300 Spartans against the Persians.

16tH mAr 2007, fRiDaY
Watched "The Messenger" at Vivo City - err, not so scary lah...

17tH mAr 2007, sAtUrDay
In the morning after sending 4th uncle and 4th auntie off for work, WG picked up HW from her place and we headed to IMM for bed mattresses. We settled our lunch at a cafe just outside DAISO. Sad, didnt have enough time to walk around =( Coz need to meet my next scheduled program - the 10km run. kekeee.... managed to survive after the run plus 2 hrs of vball... just body aching for the next 2 days? =p
"Before the run..."

20tH mAr 2007, wEdNeSdAy
Last day of work + Cheryl got her new "toy" kekeee... Came to fetch me at 7plus then we went to East Coast for dinner =p

22nD mAr 2007, tHuRsDaY
Lunching with Jinmei at Hongkong's cafe opposite the Novena Church.
                                         "Hongkong Cage Special Baked"
        "XO Sauce Carrot Cake"                         "Siew Mai"
HAd a family Dinner at a restuarant in Ang Mo Kio. Its Uncle Ann's treat. kekee=p Did not take any food pics coz not interested at all EXCEPT this!!!
My pretty cute little cousin=p

24tH mAr 2007, sAtUrDay
Did not go for vball. Went Tampiness Courts, GIANT and IKEA. GIANT was really "people mountian people sea"!!! Already feeling giddy just by looking the people "surrounding" me. ADVICE : dont go there on weekends.

26tH mAr 2007, mOnDaY
Made a trip to The furniture mall. Even though did not get anything from there but found my "achievements" at Seiyu, bugis in less than 2 hrs? kekee=p
Then quickly meet siang n major for dinner at Revenue House, Nihon Mura and followed by chilling out at Harry's, Velocity @ Novena.

27tH mAr 2007, tUeSdAy
Asked siang to accompany me to Sim Lin Square to get a new dvd writer.

28tH mAr 2007, wEdNeSdAy
Went for body checkup first then meet Anthea to go temple and pray pray kekee=p After that she got cravings for yummi yogurt so quickly dashed to Suntec!! hahaa

29tH mAr 2007, tHuRsDaY
Was shopping at PS with Hongchu & her darling Fravien.
Had alot of fun playing times with him despite I'm still "angry" at him for being impatient, wanting to see the world so badly kekee=p Then returned a favour to Siang by accompanying him to City Hall to have his golf club's grip changed.