sPeCiAl MoMeNtS n SiMpLe tOtS

Friday, February 25, 2005

"Interrogation" Dinner

Will be meeting both Lijun and Qiuting for dinner tonight...=p Havent been seeing Lijun for a long long time since...last year but for Qiuting, kekee in fact I met up with her last friday. We went to NYDC for dinner at WheelLock's Place. Coincidentally, that day was full dress rehearsal for Chinggay. Therefore, some roads are blocked and some entrances at Orchard MRT station are closed. We even saw some pple in their bright-colored fantasizing costumes... After dinner, we went to the toy shop at Far East. Both of us like the seven Dwarfs - Doc, Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Dopey, Sleepy and Bashful. She love DOPEY the most!! And thats why she got herself a big Dopey softtoy... kekek=p From the title, can see the word "Interrogation" ... well me and Qiuting are going to drill Lijun later... keke=p Because she just got attached... and its her FIRST relationship. =) Hmm, we wanna to know more abt the lucky guy, how they met, got started... etc...=p

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Not sure...??

Been thinking of what title I shld put... really think of one =( There isnt much things going on for the past few weeks. So didnt bother to blog =p I cannot blog in office and when I reach home also wont want to turn on the pc to stare at the monitor again... =( Pris shifted again - her SIXTH time... She moved to sit in between Su Yuan (her boss) and Eileen. Can see that she is not very happy with the sitting arrangement. She has to wear pants from today onwards as there is a table leg in front of her... kekek=p Anyway our side will welcome her back HOME ANY TIME... Well another bad news at work is the hard disk of the web server crashed and cannot be recovered!! Guess too much activites, it is overloaded caused it to give up suddenly... Anyway the affected websites have shifted to another server so that all of us could proceed our testing...

“Yuan Xiao Jie” So-Called the last day of Lunar New Year

My closer female colleagues are wearing more formally and with a light make-up today as we agreed to =) Later we are going to have a sumptuous lunch to celebrate “Yuan Xiao” kekeke=p Its so fun to have them in the office, I cant imagine how would my working life be without them!!! Now every Friday, we have a theme for our outfits. Hmm, why Fridays ah… maybe we could dress down a bit (in tees and jeans) so it widens the variety of themes we could have. Kekee=p So far, we only had been in same red tops (only gals – we all bought at the same time.) Guess there are more to come…=p

Monday, February 21, 2005

Quote of the day (Valentine's Day)

"I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her" ~Notting Hill~ Hmm, think shld be "I am just a woman, standing in front of a man, asking him to love her"... but where to find the guy to say the sentence to him??

Sunday, February 13, 2005

mY LuNaR nEw yEAr

Every year my CNY is abt the same... but this year seemed qutie boring. Other than my grandma's house, I didnt go anywhere. Managed to get to see my little cousins =) Kids really grow get very fast!!! They were like tiny little babies when i last saw them and now they all are running and jumping all over the house!! kekee...=p 3 of them has totally different personalities - keith is shy and quiet an introvert boy who keeps clinging to his parents!!! However, Eve is quite independent, an hyperactive gal who always keep herself busy - walking ard and playing with everything she found...=) While Sean who got the "notorious look" is the naughtiest kid among them. He only scared of his mum, only listen to her.... Was quite surprised as he wasnt like this in the past. Then heard from my aunties that he changes eversince he got into so-called "Ming 2 Xiao 4" - a prestigious school. Alot of people were on leave on Friday... It was so QUIET in office. Shuzhen was on half-day leave then so she came in at abt 1plus. She was such a poor thing as only she came out from M'sia, the rest of her family were still inside. So I accompanied her for dinner after work. Then we went to TPY Central CC to get some info on the available courses there... =) I stayed up till quite late to watch my HK serial drama, "Tian 2 Pan 4 Zuan 1 Jia 1". In English, its "Take My Word For It" but personally I prefer "The Negotiator" kekeke=p I slept ard 6am which it was already saturday morning then continued watching in the afternoon on the same day. I finished the last episode at abt 4 plus sunday morning....=p Now is wondering whats next to watch... =) Any recommendations??=p

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

CNY Coming!!!

These few days I had no time to update the blog. This week is going to be quite busy... but not with work this time.. kekeke=p Metup with Liyun on Monday and going to see her and Gale on Thursday for haircut and eyebrow trimming =) Then today is accompanying JInmei to Chinatown as she was sick last week. Friday is the reunion dinner for US and RH people at the "2nd Mini Streamboat" and we going to make a reservation later hope its not too late by then... See this week is such a busy schedule for me... No time for gym at all so sad!!! =( Now already Feb and next week is the CNY... Alot of people in office went for a new look - new hairstyle... kekeke=p Pris had her timeoff yesterday so went salon and beauty centre. She had her hair straightened, highlighted and cut her fringe... This morning, she introduced herself as "Xiao Wan Zi" to Matthew... kekeke=p Now must think what else I want to get from Chinatown later... Jinmei needs to buy alot of festive goodies and not to forget the gifts for her future mother-in-law. She told me that she will be getting abalone, Bird nest, etc.... Luckily Vincent is going to be our chauffuer.... kekee... so NO WORRIES!!!