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Monday, February 27, 2006

Jinmei's Wedding

My Best Pal in her WD...
The Bride and 'Sisters'

Me and Her

Me and Alicia (end of this yr is her turn...=p)

The Couple....

The cute Flower girl and boy... =p

Bride in her casual

In her EG....

The Car

25th Feb 2006 is my best friend's wedding... So took leave off on friday and met the rest of the 'sisters' for manicure and padicure at Boat Quay. It was her treat kekee=p We pampered ourselves from hands to toes... =p We took quite a numbers of pictures at our hands and feets hahaa abit "zhi lian" hor....=p but think got to wait awhile to upload those pictures... coz the dig camera is Jinmei's and now.... she is spending her time away with her husband *wink* Miaofang decided to take a free ride from April on saturday morning so only Meow and me went back home first to get pack our bags to stay over at her house... Think we reached around 11plus but only got into beds about 12 something. Hmm, and I think I managed to sleep an hour later and she also didnt fall asleep immediately as I could see (and even 'hear') her tossing around=p ( feeling excited over the next day??) Woke up before 5am then took a shower and get ourselves ready for the 'battle' hahaa BUT the bridegroom and his brothers were LATE!!! (Wondered they did on purpose or not...) So just punished the brothers by doing pushups hahaa After that, we gals very practical - ask the bridegroom for red packet and if not enough just close door and shut them out... kekee... But then, the bridegroom easily get the bride by just singing "Born Free" outside her room... "Yong Qi Ke Jia" as he seldom sing and his songs are 'limited' =p After tea ceremony, we travelled to Seletar Resevoir for some photoshoots before going to the bridegroom's place. After a series of activities in the day, thats not the end of day for me. According to her, I just need to assist in her changing of clothes and also teach the flower girl and flower boy how to walk down the aisle on the first march-in... Sounds easy job right? Ya at first i thought so too... but there is more to it kekee=p First headache, how to calm the 2 kids when both of them went crazy the moment they saw the bubbles in the air... (luckily the bubbles are for second march-in else the kids confirmed 'out of control') Second, went to help out at the reception - its completely chaos there... hahaa... People were not reaching in small tiny groups at all times... big big groups concurrently and continously!!! So its not easy to take photographs using poloroid and paste the pictures on then ask the guests to put down their wishes... But fortunately, the guests were very cooperative, in fact they queued up and waited patiently for their turns... =p The dinner started quite late.. think ard 8.30pm?? Guess the Solermisation ceremony delayed abit and plus some guests were not punctual, etc... =) In the middle of the dinner, I accompanied the couple up to the hotel room few times when she had to get change into her evening gown then followed by her tea dress... We really rushed like mad... kekee very hectic so "shou mang jiao luan"... but its very FUN... kekee crazy right...=p sighz too bad that these memorable moments were not able being taped down... =( 天无不散之宴席, 到了曲终人散的时候... 我们都带着疲惫但愉快的心情回家...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

~~bAnGkOk tRiP~~

Was flying off on friday night and dad only got to know it on THAT day itself, sighz what a sensible child im =( think was pretty busy so didnt get to 'inform' him in advance... Fortunately mananged to appease him with a dinner... kekee=p
It was a short and rush trip indeed... Practically we only spent 1.5 days at bkk?!?!? But luckily it was not my first time there (went there 1 and 1/2 years ago with cheryl and another group of friends=p)
Before boarding, the guys bought some beers so thought it would be nice to pose with a beer in hand kekee CHEERS!
shucks... flight was delayed... for an hr or so continued to take more pics... Reached bkk ard 1plus in the morning *yawn*... didnt even get to nap on plane, not very comfy (can i say wat airlines i took?=p)

Although slept ard 3plus then woke up 6smthing for breakfast, i wasn't look as tired as feng right?=p

One of my favourites... tou jiang you tiao!!! hmm reminds me of JJ's song!!! kekeee=p

In the BTS train... headed on our way to Chatuchak market straight after our breakfast

one of my natural poses???=p

After major tailored his shirts and pants, we went to Siam Square then we 'strolled' to Indra Square where major's friend said it has quite good and nice soccer jerseys... and surprisingly feng bought one too... hmmm for who ah???=p

Flagged for cab in order to get back to hotel asap but don't know why keep 'rejected' by the taxi-drivers. Perhaps there is always traffic jam around our hotel. Thankfully, got this kind 'tuktuk' driver willing to drive us back but looking at how 4 of us squeezed into this tiny and crampy 'tuktuk'...

Dinner at one of the restaurants at Suan Lom. The guys were deciding on the dishes while we gals just.. doing nothing?? kekee we were dead beat after walkings in the day!! By the way, the guy on the left is another cousin of siang's... Mr Nice guy... hmm, wondering if he is still available? hahaaa (of coz not for 'my own use'=p) Well, there is this pretty gal called ja, can't help having second (third, fourth, etc...) look at her kekee=p friendly somemore!! Heard she is a model... what a waste that we forgot to take pic with her sighz..

relaxing and SMILE!!!

DINNER TIME!!! yummy yummy!!!=p

luckily it was not very spicy... if not, im going to MISS them all!!! kekee=p

Taking train to Chit Lom to bai bai....

Busy unwrapping the josssticks... At the side of it, there were some musicians and dancers performing. feng said its the locals who get them to play and dance while they are offering their prayers...

Had cha siew rice at the roadside stall near our hotel...

Siang major and feng had this pig trotters rice...

One last photo we took before we left for the airport.... Cannot tell that our hotel is situated near the red light distinct in Thailand hor... anyway its cheap and good... kekee

Saturday, February 04, 2006

mY bEsT fReN's WeDdInG... =)

In her evening gown... one word - GORGEOUS =p Posted by Picasa