sPeCiAl MoMeNtS n SiMpLe tOtS

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

MeRRy XmAs!!! ho Ho ho.....

rather busy recently that hardly hv time updating the blog=p kekee anyway, got lotsa gatherings, celebrations, etc gng on n on... Have been missed quite a few sessions of vball already kekee=p guess got to see the vball gang next yr?!?!?
Due to time contraint now (gng to attend cousin's wedding dinner soon=p) and also laziness in me...=p pics n pics only!!! hahaa

Kinky Family Gathering on 14 Dec 2007 @ Raffles City Kopitiam

ExColleagues Gathering on 18 Dec 2007 @ Novena Organic Cafe

AMBU Xmas on 19 Dec 2007 @ OCC

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Music Type

kekeke got this cute website from susie babe... its quite fun actually esp when u wanna 'escape' from work abit =p

Monday, December 17, 2007

rELaX or bUsY DeC...

got some activities lining up already.... =p first this week gonna b a short one... as tml mayb theres no govt=p, next on wed we gng hv our dept xmas celebration (so halfday gone) followed by thursday is a public holiday then friday gng hv our office chalet (mayb no mood=p)... sat hv to attend a wedding dinner... waah time really flies!!! then XMAS is on next tuesday le and its WG's wedding then the next following week will b new yr?!?!?!! omg 2008 approaching soon!!! time for new yr resolutions??? kekee nope... time to Zzzz now=p

neWLy-aDDeD mEmbEr!!!

kekee its from alez for our kinky xmas gift exchange 2007...
got a shock when i saw this 'shocking pink' pig...hahaha
though haven't decided for a name but hv a few ones on mind now... kekee=p
was thinking shld i bring it to office (since the 2angels staying home permanently)
but wats stoppin me then?!??
def gonna be the space constraint and ALSO the 'nasty' colleagues !!!=p

4DeC2007@ VIVO's bAkEriNz & sUsHi TeI

really promised me a v 'subtle celebration' (as compared to van's) kekee
she gave me a sweet surprise - the cake...
was caught 'unprepared' after ending a call with bro =p
everything was just nice... the company... food... cake... presents...
but hmm... just missed out a tiny little thing which will be perfect HAHAAA too bad then =p

tReAsUrE hUnT!!!

found this while clearing some stuffs in the room... then realised its my 2005 xmas present from JM... still 舍不得 use it wor... =p

Sunday, December 16, 2007

xMaS tRee @ vIvO

hmm... quite nice rite? need to praise the person who took this pic??

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

iTs sEaLeD...

after putting a hand-written letter into the envelope... kekee but there isn't any address on it... izzit gng to b hand-delievered as well??? hahaa=p shall see how then...

Monday, December 10, 2007

wHaT mAkEs a hAppY mOnDaE!!!

(1) Granny allowed to discharge today n stay home to recuperate
     ->one load off (our) shoulder(s)
(2) FINALLY managed to get smthing I like
    (been keeping a lookout since...=p)
(3) Met QT coincidentally on my way home

After getting the good news of granny, lightened my day abit kekee=p which also gave me some 'motivations' to go shopping to get some 'inspirations' after work. Though at first thought might be going home empty-handed but... kekee NOPE!!!

Just after I got the stuff and headed home happily, I spotted MH loitering outside BYSI... hmm luckily next person I saw together with him is QT (not other woman opps=p) hahaaa... QT super 'powerful'... not sure if she is deprived of shopping. I already caught her with some clothes in her hands and ready to get some more to try. This woman just got back from a business trip this afternoon and there she was... shopping kekee=p And she is flying to Hokkaido for holiday this saturday... So envy!!! Hmm see what she will get for me from there kekee=p

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Had a hard time "earning" these nice nice presents lor... kekee=p coz had a long long walk at sentosa yesterday. With typical singaporean kaisu-sim, we went to get "Songs of the Sea" tixs first before beginning our walk at Imbiah Station. hahaa =p Well basically our "intinerary"/route/programmes for that day was Beach Station -> Imbiah Station -> The Merlion -> Sky Tower -> Dragon Trail (HIKING!!!) -> Sentosa CineBlast (dun think its worth for money) -> Rasa Sentosa Resort -> Siloso Beach -> Palawan Beach -> Songs of the Sea, one of highlights =)

Made a record for eating a plate of sambal stingray for... less than 15mins?!?!? why ah... coz that auntie forgot my order lor so got to wait a while longer so got to hurry up finishing the food in order to make it for the show. Such a pity for not appreciating the sambal stingray slowly lor... personally find it nice, most imply it tasted v fresh lor n of coz SPICY too!!! can feel the lips abit tiny weeny numb after that lor hahaa=p

"Song of the Sea" is definitely alot bttr than the show we watched at the CineBlast lor... hmm mayb its just to my own likings... prefer more on the light & sound effects and the open-air concept stage. kekee=p OK here piece of advice for watching "Song of the Sea", pls take the last row seat similar concept as watching movie at cinema -> hv a wide angle view... kekee b easy on the neck =p Along the way we took alot of pics... kekeke=p Then next time if were to go again, will choose to go in evening time. Coz its cooler to take a evening stroll and also the night scenery is nicer =)

Cherriko's Bday!!!

Wishing her to stay Healthy, Happy & Beautiful Always!!! You're not forgotten k... =)