sPeCiAl MoMeNtS n SiMpLe tOtS

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Long Weekend...

20 march 08, Thursday:
Visited the Chinese physician again. He said I have been walking too much as the blood cots bruises do not seems disappearing... in fact there are some new ones. He explained if walk too much, the "ben1 dai4" will still continue to 内出血 then the healing of the torn "ben1 dai4" would take much longer time.

21 march 08, Friday:
ZY and family are leaving for US next saturday. so we had a farewell lunch at Kallang Mushroom Pot. The turnout was pretty good... we occupied 2round tables n another small squarish one. Took few group photos at the end of the day =) Then WY gave us a lift to Marina Square where we catch a show there. kekee=p its a scary movie abit gross also...BUT definitely much 'bttr' than thai one!!!

22-23 march 08, Sat & Sun :
Been resting at home all the way either spending my time sleeping or playing games kekee=p Ohh managed to get some tasks done too...
1) Changed my phone memory stick to 2G one
2) Copied the new game to dsLite (but havent tried out)
3) Transferred to new wallet=p
4) Sent in my earings for repair but due for collection in weeks

Thursday, March 13, 2008

"One day, let's

... go for the K-Box Buffet dinner......",
... go to the new kallang leisure park......",
... go iceskating again......",
... go cycling again......",
... go blading again......",
... & etc. But when is it ever coming?=p


by dad... unable to sneak off to attend major's wedding dinner tonight =( feeling super bad towards to it. why isnt dad working today? sighz why isnt feng driving today? if she does then still can compromise coz she could fetch me to n fro... argghhhh

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

minor updates

On another 2 more days MC till friday hmm meaning next monday then report work... hahaa Nvr got one whole week of medical leave in my entire life (so far) therefore wish it will be the first n the last one due to a sprained ankle. =) Just then i collated some pics using Picasa... hmm spent quite some time on the 'clickings' sighz its is only understandable wat it means for those who played with this software before hahaa there shld b another software other than Picasa to collate pics more easily n manually=p shall do a search on net tml... hv to turn in soon coz din get any nap today =( then decide whtr to attend major's wedding dinner tml night... now headache coz of the ankle... not sure wat to wear... hmm perhaps just wear as per normal - dress plus heels... DUN CARE!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


was uploading pics from mobile to the comp... realised that there are numerous of backdating entries i need to post!!! think... ard 5 to 8 for last yr dec alone??? coz its quite a feastive month
=( sighz... starting to feel lazy again... finished arranging the pics according to dates. guess need another hr or so to collate the pics!!! My intention for each backdated entry just consists of only the event + pics... kekeee=p no much words written hahaaa anyway my blog is just recording bits n pieces of my life journal. so entries with dates n pics are sufficient for me to recall most of the details happened on that particalar day!!! yeah yeah yeah!!!=p

Sprained Ankle

Down on luck having my ankle twisted on sat... but luckily there was a certified medic among us who attended to my injury. Then the painfulness was written all over my face... all agreed with YQ that for a moment my face turned "green"... followed by "pale white" and then back to normal. Guess in the beginning, pain was too overwhelming then next was extremely terrified to see my ankle in "a distorted manner" after removing the socks... In that state of shock, feeling nauseous with spinning head, seeing black patches ard me =( Fortunately YQ passed me the ointment to sniff to feel bttr and some cracking silly jokes to make me laugh to forget the pain for a while... Then Melvin (the medic, not sure if i spell his name correctly) also ensured me that there isnt any bone fracture, its just plain swelling which true enuff, it subsided after some ice treatment. He said after 48hrs then go see Chinese physician and meanwhile go to a western doc for medical leave... So now here i am... taking the advantange of the 3 days MC, updating the blog. hmm parents just brought me to the a medical hall at AMK to "tui" the ankle. Initially quite reluctant to go coz dun wanna experience the same degree of painfulness i had on sat again hahaa=p but no choice got papa along lor!!!
kekeee.... to my surprise, the experienced shifu said that dun need to "tui" coz its dunno what tissue tear so if he really go n "tui", it will make it worst - more swelling n takes longer time to recover too. He explained that the torn tissue will naturally rejoins n ownself heal back as time goes by... With some oral medication n plaster on it, will improve the blood circulation then blood clots will disppear soon. He also re-iterated not to move too much and go back to him if the pain still persist after few days... =p
I will b "guai guai de"... "a-za a-za a-za BAXIA"!!!