sPeCiAl MoMeNtS n SiMpLe tOtS

Friday, January 26, 2007

tHe bRiDe nOt oBeDiEnT

Aren't brides supposed to rest early before their big day??? How come my dear fren still not back? Almost 12 midnight now... kekeke=p Hmm, maybe I should thank her in a way that... I managed to scribble some nonsenses on my blog.. (kekeke to keep some of my frens entertained mah...=p)
Come to think of it, It's already my third time to be 'jie mei'... And some people said that its not advisable to be too many times, else will be left on the shelve... So guess I'm in quite a 'dangerous stage' now... hahaaa But then Cherriko insisted me to be her 'jie mei' when her turn comes... in dilemma... *Winks *
Though a few of my close galfriends already found their happinesses, still quite a handful of my other galfriends are still in the search of it... or in the queue of having it unknowingly... =)

bOrEd BoReD!!!

Ya!!! I am now BORED... Coz is at Yanling's place now... this gal is getting married on the next day, 27 Jan 2007. And what, the bride-to-be is still not back. =( Luckily, her bro came to my place to fetch me up. Else if I come on my own, i will be stranded outside her house.
I have been too lazy to blog recently. Ever since im back from my trip... The whole world is asking me when am I gng to update my site about my wonderful japan trip. Hmm, till I gotten our group pictures from the 'professional photographers' kekeke=p So meanwhile, I can only use one word to describe the trip... UNFORGETABLE...
p/s: dear ms yanling, pls come back soon... im tired... gng fall asleep soon. fortunately got jinmei & cheryl online now chatting with me...