sPeCiAl MoMeNtS n SiMpLe tOtS

Sunday, September 30, 2007


我在这里 计算终点的距离
眼 闭上眼看不看的见过去
看不看的见 原来那个你 和幸福的关系

路太弯 梦在转 错过的人已不在
以为我 能习惯一个人的安全感
路太弯 爱在转 明知忘记会很难
却找不回拥抱 的形状

眼 闭上眼看不看的见过去
看不看的见 原来那个你 和幸福的关系

路太弯 梦在转 错的人已不在
以为我 能习惯一个人的安全感
路太弯 爱在转 明知忘记会很难
却找不回拥抱 的形状

付出过 是不是就换的回希望
呼吸太乱 世界太宽

路太弯 梦在转 错的人已不在
以为我 能习惯一个人安全感
路太弯 爱在转 明知忘记会很难
却找不回拥抱 的形状

却找不回拥抱 的形状


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lazy Saturday...

last nite dunno wats wrong that i thought i had nothing on on the next day so agreed to go shopping with van n jan... hmm but soon when i was awaked an sms came in... and opps... its from JM. forgotten hving lunch with her then mayb a movie after that if there is nice one screening on threatre!!! so i quickly informed van i wont b joining until late evening. she damn poor thing lor... got to work!!! imagine u were out on streets, thinking finally can throw everything abt work aside, enjoy for the day but a stupid call comes n no choice... back at work again. really pity van... dunno need how many bottles of chicken essence n how much amt of beauty sleep to recuperate from all these damages...

hmm due to the scotching weather outside and the lazyiness in me... me n JM decided to meet on another day instead kekee=p but still me went out abt 3plus 4 to meetup jan hahaa but she stood up me unintentionally lor... she still with van... =( as i was pretty hungry then... couldnt wait any further for jan, me called up kim to ask if he hungry and wanna grab smthing together... after that we loitering ard that area to wait for jan. was looking for some dresses or "decent" tops to attend wedding dinners. i counted... i hv FIVE... this yr!!!!!!! gng to be super broke le... BUT its happy news though... =)

Had NYDC for dinner after getting zy's present... and wats next?? KTV!!!! angel n her fren joined us too... finally met him... kekee=p At the end of the day, realised i no longer zero debts... sighz sad case... hahaa... dun care first... settle one by one... gng to bed with my mind thinking of the dress i saw eariler...

Monday, September 17, 2007


"跟对的人吃东西不是折磨不是委屈, 是幸福"

"得到的时候不是真心想要, 所以扔掉的时候一点也不会难过"

NicE tO bE rEmEmbErEd...

out of sudden received cherrie's call on fri nite... kekee coz she realised that we havent been spoken to each other for ages kekee=p so she thought i might be at home and then probably we could chit chat over phone for a while before we actually met up next week? But... we hang up shortly after she found out that i was outside... kekee=p Anyway today finally we "SPOKE"!!! hahaa she asked if I have been sneezing recently as she said that she MISSES me lor... (kekee=p this gal finally know my "existence") then we updated each other abit... this skinny gal kept saying that she put on some weight lor... sighz she thought i nvr read her blog n see the pics of her lor... lying to me hor... hmm must make her "angry"... later gng to tell her that i hv just seen the FIRST epi of the show she is yearning to watch alot!!! kekee=p

anyway still wanna thank her for... missing me? esp on the start of the week MON kekee=p well seen lotsa pics of bouquet of flowers on her blog, wondering when is she giving me... hmm already gotten my namecard so perhaps can get it delievered to office!!! kekee *wink wink* coz
"ACTIONS speak louder than words"

LoW mOrALe...

yupyup... its just only mon n im feeling this way... hahaa=p so pathetic rite?=p Anyway today van "sabotaged" me again... told me tat we got to go on site this morning when we met on the bus!!! Argghh... i was in formal dress code lor and its in SKIRT!!! *shaking head* second time gng to the same site in skirt lor UNBELIEVABLE!!! then van just cheekily said "opps wen did it again" she sounded quite heartless some more... sighz shld hv put an extra jeans in office (in future??)... =( it was such a humiliating n embarrassed scene just before we were turning into the server room... seems time has frozen n then whole world must be wondering where on earth this crazy woman comes from n wat is she doing down there in SKIRT!!?!?!? sighz... SAD case... gng to try to "utilize" my mobile fully now... shall continue (later) =p

Saturday, September 15, 2007


this gal forever bottling up all her emotions then let it out once and all... bursting out into tears out of sudden which gives a shock to whoever that's with her at that moment of time... sighz... 真是要不得啊!!! fortunately the "victim" this time had kind of surprised her beforehand.. so call its a quit ba... hmm just wondering how things will get on from there for them...

Monday, September 10, 2007


作詞:鄔裕康 作曲:曹格 編曲:吳慶隆 合唱:張惠妹+蕭敬騰

女:白茫茫的星光 灑在長長路上 想念的冰涼 你知道嗎
  你淺淺的微笑 深似海的眼光 都能掀起我 滔天的巨浪

男:妳相信嗎 這是命嗎 這次我們放棄抵抗
  那怕擁抱 在身上 劃下深深的傷

合:只要看你一眼 一瞬間 哪怕是最後畫面
  我的世界 因為愛過而完美 誰都不該離太遠
  只要看你一眼 一瞬間 足夠我熬過千年
  我不後悔 愛若讓末日提前
  我們要一起 好好迎接那句點

Repeat all once

合:這一次我們 寧死不放手 往彼此的心裡跳 跳到天荒地老 OH~

合:只要看你一眼 一瞬間 哪怕是最後畫面
  我的世界 因為愛過而完美 誰都不該離太遠
  只要看你一眼 一瞬間 足夠我熬過千年
  我不後悔 愛若讓末日提前
  我們要一起 好好迎接那句點



Sunday, September 09, 2007


"enuff n tired of guessing & waiting games, false hopes..."
"when there is someone comes along unexpectedly,"
"seems ready anything to put on 'running gears' to be on 'escape route'..."
hmm, does she need a 专署天使 to shelter, protect her for the rest of her life?
Or just a 恶魔在身边 will do that hurt her the least?
Life is always full of contradictions...
thought there's this song, <我爱的人伤我最深>???!!!

6tH sEpT @ Jerry's Grill

In celebration of kimz's bday we had our lunch outside at Jalan Kayu... its bengz's suggestion to try at the Jerry's Grill. hmm, the food SEEMS okay...(can view the pics below=p) but i love buffalo wings the most!!! its pity that i only had one hahaa=p we were sitting at the basement lor... think its kind of unqiue feelings kekee=p Then most of the times the guys were staring at the TV, soccer wat else... *shake head*...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

LasT vBaLL sEssIoN oF tHiS mOnTh

yupyup... even though sept just started hahaa becoz for this month, the court on all sats at our usual timeslots are fully-booked. So JK was asking ard if we all mind to play on a sunday instead. Most replies were similar - "can but not too early or late" =)

Anyway left house slightly early to meet JC at Novena. sighz ran into some probs lately again so hv to be aunt agony... wat r frens for rite *wink* =p We din manage to talk abt it till he finished meeting with this supplier sponsor? Then meanwhile, me just sitting down quietly, watching the beach vball competition just outside Velocity.

bumped into irene at spans, she joined hanyi's group for leisure playing for now... and we realised its abt time for us meet up again with the rest kekee since Mid-Autumn fesitival coming? time to 团圆? kekee=p Today's attendance is pretty good and guess most of us had fun, enjoyed most of the games kekee mayb becoz its the last session for this month? After which, we decided to settle our dinner at this coffeeshop just outside spans. The guys took a while to reach there as Johan's vehicle dieded so got to help to push n see could get it started up. But to no avail after 3 rounds at the carpark. He called home for help then all squeezed into JK's car to head for dinner. Lucky enough that Johan's dad called and said the van once again "alive" soon after we finished dinner hahaa... good timing rite?=p

initally set at Giraffe for some drinks... but... their kitchen is closed!!!
n danny wanted dessert badly... so we moved to another place and
before we left, managed to snap a few pics =p

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cycling @ Pula Ubin on 1 Sep 2007

Had a half day spent cycling on ubin island... really worth of money coz had a sumptuous seafood lunch to end the event... got prawns, fish n CRABS, etc all very fresh one lor... Anyway the challange is not the cycling part lor... its to reach changi at 830!!! Then the nite before went to jan's place to watch horror show reached home ard say 2? hahaa anway the show not scary at all then feel so 'safe' at jan's place till i fell asleep =p partly becoz i watched that show before... thanks SHAWN for choosing that korean show lor!!!

Initial plan is jan's bf gng to fetch van and me from home to tampines, to meet the rest BUT van OVERSLEPT hahaa so waited for her and we took cabby straight to changi while the sotong so poor thing reached tampines at 7am and waited alone for the rest=p

Taken alot of pics by beng n another prof... which i will upload LATER.... first view my own "collection" =p

as usual... van the model and jan forever looks so BLLURR!!!

bUffEt dInNer @ MerchantCourt on 29 Aug 2007

yupyup... another backdated post on gatherings with EX-colleagues!!! Had jap for lunch with Anthea n "mamasan" at AMKHub... it was raining cats n dogs then... Luckily mamasan came to fetch us to and fro... kekee Then at nite meeting the "Kinky family" lor... hahaa think still got alot of backdated posts in the queue lor... simply just too lazy coz the uploading of pics really take AGES!!! argghhh... so slowly ba...

Here our "reunion dinner" at Merchant Court. Still rem our last gathering was in Feb where Priscilla's hubby also joined us.... But this time round, he was rather busy with work so couldnt make it. Anyway he will be getting MORE busy... coz... he had SEVEN "ba zi consultations" to work lor... then tell us during Samuel's wedding dinner. kekeee=p

Just got Priscilla's mail, asking what will be our main concern in like relationships or family or career so that her hubby can drill into that particular area. hahaa guess we will b "kaisu" abit - want EVERYTHING!!! haha thats the characteristics of typical singaporean?=p Anyway here are the random pics again...

some gifts from daniel's recent trip - JAPAN!!!
kekee... the "ah gong & ah ma" looks so heartwarming hor...
then my doll of "Happiness" (according to daniel) isnt that bad either
hahaa... van said it looks exactly like her when i showed her that=p

Monday, September 03, 2007

bAd sTaRt oF tHe WeEk???

Early morning is the mee rebus... still abit spicy without the added chilli so hv "difficulty" finishing it (again) =p Following the whole day spent is creation of "SYMBOLS"!!! Ya, its definitely driving both van and I crazy lor... No time to relax le coz still have 30plus of them to go!!! *sob sob*... Sighz then next is in the middle of doing it, calls and msgs kept coming in... sad to say, its quite disruptive at times =( So in order to distress, went shopping after work. But guess what, after 2hrs of walking, still empy-handed!!! Argghh...then only feel the hunger when started eating at NYDC kekee=p only realised didnt have a proper meal till 8plus? hahaaa

Had my usual "Hawaiian oven-baked rice" while van ordered "Pigs can fly" and then "Tiramisu Mudpie"...=p Only after the meal van then blamed me for ordering too much =( ya guilty guilty, I suggested the dessert...=p So one more condition added to BF criteria- Able to eat alot (coz need to clear our food) hahaaa=p

While waiting for our food, we chit-chat alot... from our work to our jobs to relationships... She said she and ZW already had their fortunes told. Its quite accurate for ZW as the man said that in "Qi Yue" highly chance he would get attached and YES, he IS now... kekeee=p Then slowly we moved on to the topic of another "couple" which I think van already given up on the guy. hahaa... guy told her that there isnt any sparks to motivate him to pop out the qns to the gal... sighz sounds quite pathetic seems like the inital feelings/sparks are not strong to last, dieing out soon...

On our way to train station, we stopped by at the S.A.M.S machine as van got to settle her credit card bills...

Qns: How many enginners needed to settle credit card bills?
Ans: Two.
Qns: How many attempts in order to succeed?
Ans: Five (and two to go)...
The 4 failures =
1st: Inserted credit card wrongly
2nd & 4th: Encountered error - "MRC not found..."
3rd: NETS limit exceeded!!!
*Noted: The first 4 attempts were tried at CKTangs. The successful one was at Toa Payoh =p

Had a surprise when I reached home just now... kekee=p The bags below!!! My dasao gotten for me from HK... They are my consolation prizes after the fruitless shopping lor... kekee=p Got a "funny" call from mum - "informed" me that they are back?... then bought alot of food so dont know can finish or not? So naturally I said if cannot finish them I will bring to office... BUT guess her reply? its "Ohh... then u want me to put the food into the phone?" I was like "HUH...." Hmm, think she is getting TOO excited for her cruise on wed... and... now Im suspecting that she is eyeing on either one of my new bags!!!!