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Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Poem Taught by SZ

清明时节雨纷纷 路上行人欲断魂 借问酒家何处有 牧童遥指杏花村

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Finally managed to find the MTV that I have been longed looking for... =) Now still receiving from HL, still left about 2-3 mins more kekeke=p Cant wait to watch it as many friends commented that it is very touching, draw out alot of tears from them while watching it..........

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

All-time Favourites - Muddy Mud Pie

Went to watch Danny's match at Yio Chu Kang Sports Complex on sunday. Of coz his team won... his opponents were a bunch of secondary kids i guessed. So in terms of height and experience, at one look already know the result of the match. Johan, Eddie and Cedric also had matches on the same day... all in the afternoon except Johan's - in the late evening. So we didnt stay back to watch his match as both WY and I are going home for dinner. Danny explained its just the preliminary rounds so the games were quite "boring" kekeke=p So have to wait till semis and finals... =) We left ard 5plus 6 for Coffee Club at Holland V to have our usual drinks and deserts... Ice Mocha Vanilla and Muddy Mud Pie!!!! YUMMY YUMMY!!! kekeke=p Had quite a long talk also... ya on usual topic - vball.

An Injury-prone Sat

Had a collision with ZY on sat... got 2 bruises - back of my head and my hand. The "blue-black" on my hand is quite obvious.... looks very ugly =((( Luckily my family didnt see it if not, they are going to scream at me. After vball, we had "Teochew Porridge" for dinner then headed to "V-Box Entertainment Center" - Zhiyong's house. One group played MJ and think ZY was the big winner end of the day. Some were singing and rest playing games. Initially, I was playing tennis games but after a while I gave up on that coz had a sore throat after much "screamings"... (but WY is the loudest!!!) kekeke=p Think I have a problem of "controlling my fingers" on the controller. Last time it was much simpler, only joystick and 4 buttons (left, right, up and down). Now got a few of "extra" buttons for "special powers" things like that... *shrugs*

Thursday, March 24, 2005


kTv wItH nP gAnG We decided not to go to the Crown Prince's Hotel Swensen for our next meetup (in fact, never ever for me!!!) Guessed we were just too lazy to think of another place as it is near to Party World which we will be heading for our singing session after dinner. Anderson booked the room from 9pm to 1am and this shows that how much they love singing!!! Luckily I had a long "break" in between as I went out a while to get "MonaVie Active"(nutritional beverage) from Feng and David. Feng said it is very effective as her relatives start coming back to her for more. It is basically a combined fruits juices with addition of 2 important ingredients, Celedrin and Glucosamine where the former one reduces inflammation and pain with no side effects, enhances cell membranes throughout the body and restores fluids that cushion bones and joints to promote flexibility and mobility without pain while the other is relieves joint pains, rehabilitating damaged cartilage and slowing deterioration of cartilage from osteoarthritis. On top of that, it has also detoxifying and anti-aging effects... kekeke=p So I bought it for Wenzhou as his bday present to try first. If it really helps Im going to get more for the benefits of my family... kekeke=p lUnCh wItH nInG & dINnEr wItH fEnG n mAjOr Met up Cheryl for lunch as she had already invited her bf over to her house and she will taking over the kitchen to whip up a few dishes for dinner. As this is her first time cooking for her bf so she's abit excited abt it... kekek=p Too bad, lunchtime is short so just updated each other briefy and she passed me my long over-dued present... =) Only 3 of us turned up for dinner at Center Stage, rest were mostly held up at work only Siang is not in town. Hmm, actually 3 is not a bad number coz too large a group would be a crowd... We chatted on the usual stuffs - present work, future careers, BGRs... etc. Center Stage is a newly opened Food, Wine and Dining place. It has fusioned 5 restuarants and we chose sitting at Genki Jap. The interior design is simple yet classy and the ambience is pretty nice as it has "Live" band playing sentimental and soft rock music - not "noisy" nor too loud. Feng and Major have a few suggestions on such places we could go for our future gatherings... Looking forward for the next on and hope more people would turn up... =)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

oNe oF mY fOnDeSt mEmOrIeS...

Just happen... to read my junior's blog and I found out that something which I had forgotten long ago yet so memorble and precious to me (and my junior too =p). Its none other than the Orientation Main Committee, OMC 03/04 - Shiiok. Im so surprised that they still keep the website and I was wondering who are maintaining it... =) ANyway, must thank HENTAIRO for that... kekeke=p by the way, though ur blog is crappy, it is very entertaining... =)


HELP!!! Quiting pls help me decipher..... =p Results from the "Love Age Calculation" Test Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005

白色情人节 continues......

From the TV, I got to know what are the things that guys would give to the gal they like on the 白色情人节, (got meanings one!!! =p ) 1) Handkerchiefs - 'I Dont Like You' 2) Cotton Candies - 'We Can be friends' 3) Biscuits - 'I Like You Too' 4) Sweets - 'Be My Girlfriend' And for Korea, it has another special day, on the 4th of April - 黑色节...... kekee.... its for all the guys and gals who didnt receive anything on either 情人节 or 白色情人节 to gather together and eat spicy '杂酱面'...... =p Need to Zzzzz... Cannot continue writing, down with flu now... Sad Sad.. =(

Saturday, March 19, 2005

文欣语录 (1)

人一定要向前看, 勇往直前 不能在原地踏步 更不能往后退

Monday, March 14, 2005

mOrE vBaLl...???

Vball on Sunday was quite enjoyable... but still haven got enough of it, hope to get to play it more often. My receiving was still acceptable and felt relieved too as I managed to get some "feel" back in spiking too... =) happy. Hmm, does it mean my passion in vball start to rekindle?? Hahaha, I dont know, shall wait and see...=p Though the guys were having friendly games, Wanyi and I still had chances to play for a few games kekeke=p And I think we got to play more than 1 hrs for free again hahahha=p After that, only left a few of us went for dinner - Zhiyao, Yongxue, Jimmy, Wanyi and Me... Knowing Wanyi and I dont really like to eat Bak Ku Teh, the guys still kept suggesting having that! So we went to a coffeeshop which sells not only that and also other food... kekek=p *Yawn*... Its so late now =( Have to stop now... Very tired and sleepy (slept at 4am yesterday!!!) kekeke=p Ya watching vcds again...

白色情人节 - "White Day"

According to the DJ from FM93.3, its like another Valentine's Day which originated from Japan, whereby guys will kind of reciprocate (回礼) by giving gifts/sweets/chocolates to the gals that they like... =) And now its is very popular in Japan and Taiwan. Hmm during Valentine's Day, I remembered there was a competition ran by a local company, asking for a ryhme with the most romantic first line but the least romantic second line. Here are some of the funny and interesting entries... kekek=p I thought that I could love no other Until, that is, I met your brother. Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you. But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's empty and so is your head. Kind, intelligent, loving and hot; This describes everything you are not I want to feel your sweet embrace But don't take that paper bag off of your face I love your smile, your face, and your eyes - Damn, I'm good at telling lies! My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife: Marrying you screwed up my life I see your face when I am dreaming. That's why I always wake up screaming My love, you take my breath away. What have you stepped in to smell this way

Amore Fitness

On Saturday, Jinmei and I went to Amore Fitness to find out more information on their packages'prices as they do not state them on the internet. Later we discovered that we are still considered as their members because we signed up an areobics course few years back. Its so lucky they still have our records... kekekek=p Both of us settled on the Unlimited Power Package which includes Aerobics and Step classes, Specialty classes and free usage of gym, shower and steambath (only available at certain branches, upon attending classes on the same day). And it is also more worth as we are allow to attend more than one classes on the same day, in fact any classes as long as you book for it in advance =) As for the duration, we are going to sign up for months Fitness Package and get one month free (or a $80 spa voucher). Then we already planned that we MUST go for lesson at least twice a week! kekeke=p Think it shld be no prob for as they have a branch at Toa Payoh Central... Yeah so convenient for me =p

Comings and Goings??

Last week I finished 2 serial dramas (HK and TW). The TW one is a story on how passionate a group of youngsters are towards Baseball. Hehehe... got some shuai ges in the show =p well thats not the reason i wanna watch it. Its because of Stella (Huang Xiangyi). Previously, she acted in another serial with Ken Zhu Xiao Tian (one of the F4) which I found her acting skills are not bad for a newcomer so thinking this "Zhui Feng Shao Nian" shld be worth watching... =)While HK is the show that is showing on Channel 8 TV now. It has Chilam Cheung and Athena Chu, Zhu Yin - my favourite actor n actress kekeek=p And also involving some local actors n actresses too! Recently it seems like there isnt better nice serials to watch... =( Sad... Think i bttr go and sign up Amore Fitness to keep myself occupied...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Vball on Sat

The vball session on sat shld be from 1pm to 5pm but Johan was late for 1/2 hrs due to work so the receptionist charged us for 3hrs instead of 4hrs. And at 5pm, nobody came to occupy the court so we continued to play free for another 1 hr. The games we played for the free hr were quite intense and competitive, think I enjoyed myself... =) Before that, everyone seemed to be very lethargic, restless and showed no enthusiasm in the games... Wondering why..... In the middle of one of the games in the last hr, Danny asked me what was wrong with Johan as he noticed that Johan was not playing as good as before and not ethusiastic enough. Well I told him that in fact everyone is hehaving the same way... Could be due to the Post-CNY Syndrome hahaha=p We went to S11 for dinner after the games but Danny did not join us because he afraid that they might speculating him and Wanyi again... SIGHZ... He is too sensitive... =p Anyway, I thought I would go straight home after dinner but guessed we haven been seeing each other for weeks. So we decided on wat to do after the dinner. Johan suggested going to Zhiyong's place... to sing karaoke, Zhiyao suggested pool and me was thinking of catching a movie. In the end, Wang Yong, Huiling, Joe, Zhiyong and me settled for singing while Zhiyao, Cat and Yongxue went for their weekly Mahjong session. Zhiyong just bought a karaoke system which can play MTVs like those found in KTV. So, we just need to press numbers instead of keep changing VCDs. It is very convenient. We decided to come Zhiyong's place for singing in future... kekek=p Because there is no room charges, can bring our own drinks and snacks... hahhaa... Huiling said that maybe we could give a name to it!!! kekeke=p

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Office? Its SATurday! but.....

Today is a working saturday after M1A UAT... Reached office at abt 9am and not many people ard think only 3 and thats included me! Think I dont mind coming on saturdays to work (provided theres no tuition...) As office is quite quiet so can concentrate and finish work fast. Wanyi will be going back to office later. Wondering whtr will she go for vball... Guess I would be gng coz need some exercises... kekeke=p Hope I would enjoy myself later... =)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

李圣杰 >>> 手放开

I could hear this song not only on the radio during office hours but also at HOME after work! Wenzhou had been playing this song repeatedly at home. It has quite a "catchy" melody and meaningful lyrics. Especially the lyrics I highlighted in red below. 手放开 曲:方文良 词:方文良 编: 我把自己关起来只留下一个阳台 每当天黑推开城门对着夜幕发呆 看着往事 一幕一幕 再次演出你我的爱 我把电视机打开听着听着别人的对白 也许那些事情可以给我一个交代 你要的爱 我学不来 眼睁睁看情变坏 眼睁睁看情感慨 不能给你未来 我还你现在 安静结束也是另一种对待 当眼泪留下来 伤已悄在 分开也是另一种明白 我给你最好的疼爱是手放开 不要一张双人床中间隔着一片海 感情的污点就留给时间慢慢漂白 把爱收进胸前左边口袋 最好的疼爱是手放开 不想用言语拉扯所以选择不责怪 感情就像候车月台 有人走就有人来 我的心是一个车牌 写着等待 我把收音机打开听着别人的失败 哽咽的声音彷佛诉说着相同悲哀 你的依赖 还在胸怀 我无法轻易推开 我无法随便走开 感情中专心的人容易被伤害

Volleyball At Spans

Didnt touch it for a long long long time... Now feeling so distant from it - "rusty" lousy skills and no "feel" for the balltouch. Cant even receive the first ball properly... Feeling so sad, seem have already lost the passion... Where can I get it back???

Wedding Bells Ringing...

Im so looking forward tml's dinner with Jinmei. We haven met up for abt more than a month. And this woman already set her wedding day - 17 Feb 2006. She also already booked her wedding bridal package which costs her $3188... hehee=p I teased her that the price is a good number to invest... Even Shuzhen agreed with me kekee=p Well, tml we are going decide on the hotel to hold her wedding dinner. Yesterday Shuzhen told me things like, "Hey, seems like most of your friends are getting married leh... you need to do something so when is your turn??", "Are you very stressed??", "Don't set your expectation too high leh...", etc... Personally as long as people dun come keep bugging me to ask me why still not attached, then I wont feel the pressure... =)

Bored At Work

Qiuting just came back from her driving practical test... =( She failed... she kind of expected it as she was too nervous, afterall it was her first try... Heard from Pris that one of her friends had her driving license after numerous of failures - Her friend took 10 theory tests and 6 practical tests in total!!! Sighz... was thinking how many times I have to take in order to get mine =p Hmm, not scared of the number of failures I were going to have BUT the MONEY I have to "invest"... =( Work seems not going very smoothly for me recently... Feeling so bored and tried of waiting for some issues to be resolved before I could proceed my stuffs... Wonder how long it would take... Dinner on last Friday was pretty fine... Only just got to know that Seng was joining us at the last min... Well doesnt matter as we always treat him like one of us - a sister. =p Both Lijun and Seng were struck at work so they joined us at abt 8plus. We already finished our main course when they came. Then Nishan joined us too... as she was nearby and her dinner ended early. Our topics can vary from very "Restricted Artistic" on the degree of intimacy of a couple in a relationship... to very practical and serious social issue on children. HAHAAA...=p Nishan and I had something in common - both of us have weird weird colleague in our office!!! But my colleague is definitely much far better than hers... Her colleague is a guy contract staff who always "sexual harass" a female colleague in her office! Lucky for the gal now because the guy already tendered his resignation =p