sPeCiAl MoMeNtS n SiMpLe tOtS

Monday, June 27, 2005

Pesky her...

Didnt know that she can be so 'irritating' until.... kekee=p Well, though she is behaving like she is so desperate for guys but i know that she has no lack of suitors at ALL times. She is just like to annoy me hor... to test where my limit is...=p Anyway, I already asked Jinmei to fix up another meeting to make it up for you and here, I formally apologise to u... I know I fell sick at the WRONG time k... Be assured that I will pressed Jinmei for a hot date for you... kekeke=p

Vball session

After resting at home for days, decided to go down spans for vball on sat. I didnt turn up for quite a number of sessions because i was busy watching vcds then and sprained my wrist lately. The games were exciting and fun, I enjoyed myself alot =) But after shower, was feeling unwell again and what they decided for dinner, i think its maybe not something that i can order individually (as im still having sore throat and flu so not wise to share food with other people...) and it would be too troublesome if i join them for dinner coz they have to spare a thought for me - ordering what kind of food I can take... =) Once again, Danny gave me a free ride home... And it will be the last time. Because his car will be scrapped away on monday. =p And from then on, he has to take public transport. Hmm, wondering if he would be used to it or not as he gets motion sickness SO easily... kekee=p

Feeling so lethargic...

Its Monday again... sighz... Cant wait for weekends to come!!! =p Havent been updating my blog as not much events going on recently. And also im becoming more and more lazy hahaa... Whenever im at home, dont like to stare at the monitor for too long as i always do that at office =( Neither do i like to fight with my bros for the comps though there are 3 of them kekee=p (they existed for some SPECIFIC purposes i think) =p Last week, I fell sick =( guess some bateria infection got a high fever... The doctor suggested an injection to bring down the fever quickly... but i was stubborn, insisted NOT to have one. kekee... Im just too timid=p Sighz, because i was down with fever, I missed the feedback session cum gathering at NP on the friday!!! And i also supposed to catch 'Initial D' wtih Jinmei they all on that night. In the end, they went without me... Nvr mind, now I already recovered so can go out and play!!! First, I wanted to watch 2 movies badly - 'Initail D' and 'Batman'. Hmm, think will watch the latter one with Jinmei (we already agreed to watch together=p) and the former with... Wanyi?? err maybe she is catching it with someone else... hahaa

Saturday, June 04, 2005

"Sabotaged" by My Very Best Friend!!!

All along I thought after pilates, will be going to dinner with Jinmei then followed by a crazy shopping spree. But I was totally WRONG!!! Well, it was fine that Vincent came to pick us up to have dinner together and nvr mind that Vincent's buddy is joining us (I wasnt told beforehand)... Luckily he came else dont think 3 of us can finish all the food. After that sinful meal, need some digestion so we walked ard at the nearby shopping centre. Hmm, I hardly recognised the place as it changed alot after the renovation... and today is sat and therefore, can see both the vehicle and human traffic .I didnt managed to get anything at the end of the day =( and which is good on the other hand, SAVE money! =p As we were heading to the carpark, out of sudden, Jinmei told me that Vincent's buddy is sending me back home, the reasion being that Vincent and she are going somewhere else. This cheeky gal!! By one look at her, can know how trueful she is!!! But due to some reasons that i cant reveal a slight unwillingless on my face (not convenient at that point of time). So I took HIS car.. and now here im - updating my blog...