sPeCiAl MoMeNtS n SiMpLe tOtS

Sunday, January 30, 2005

fLu... hAtE iT!!!

Ya... Down with flu again =( Wonder how do i get it... My house was not doing any cleanings so there wasnt any dusts flying in the air. Hmm, was it because i SLEPT too much??!!! kekee=p Cant be rite? =p Anyway, already getting bttr... Early this morning, though Mum and Wenyao said that they wanna go to TPY central to get some festive goodies but we didnt in the end. Coz we (Wenzhou, Wenyao and I) were so engrossed in watching this HK serial drama which getting us so excited abt it and cant wait to see its final episode... And we did... (before 11pm) Guess I'll be getting most of the CNY goodies together with Wenyao (Wenzhuo?? Forget it... hes such a lazybum!!!) on this one of this coming weekdays... Time really flies... It seems like my memories stopped at the period between Xmas Day and New Year celebrations. Come to think of it, I already graduated for abt half a year and just started working a few months back.. hmm but it seems like I have been working for donkey yearSS!! Sighz... this is terrible mann!!! Have to work tml... I bttr go wash up and get into the bed then

Saturday, January 29, 2005

cHiNaToWn tRiP......

Lixiang smsed Shuzhen early morning on Friday... the msg was abt us not being friendly - dont want to meet her for lunch in town area. Both Shuzhen and I were puzzled as we thought we already replied to her (through emails) that we wont be meeting her for lunch as we decided to try out the Hor Fan (Pris said its very nice!!!) at the coffeeshop near our office. Anyway, Pris was on MC - food poisoning. So we met Lixiang for lunch at Dhoby Ghaut. Shuzhen and I both very naughty - we purposely retreived the email with Lixiang's reply saying she was fine with our decision for not meeting her for lunch and we shall meet at the reunion dinner. We even bolded and highlighted the sentence then get it verified by Alez and Matthew!!! Hahaaa.... so that later during the lunch we can show her the "evidence" then she cant deny anything... kekee... Lixiang went to the wrong "Long John Silver" at PS... It was our fault for not telling her which one we were at. Anyway, she managed to find her way to the correct one in no time. By then, we almost finished our food and she only just started eating. After a while, the "evidence" was handed over to her and she cant stop laughing after reading it. =) She explained that she dont remember she did reply to us...=p What a forgetful gal, isnt she!!! kekkee=p Lixiang told us that she might be going to HK and TW in june, was asking us whether we are interested. Well i gave my same old answer - "I shall wait and see if I have any extra money to spare then..." Hmm, it seems like everyone is planning a trip in may or june... (Jimmy K asked V-team if they interested in going New Zealand or Australia in june...) Afer lunch,I received JM's sms, saying that she might not able to meet me after work as she was not feeling too well. Then abt 3plus she called and told me that she just finished seeing the doctor and had a fever so had to go home and rest. Luckily I managed to get Major to accompany me to Chinatown... kekeke=p Actually I did ask Feng, Phyllis and Cheryl but ALL not free!!! Feng has music class, Phyllis is working late and Cheryl got date. Sighz, all abandoned me... =p My main aim of going to Chinatown was to get the sofa seat cushion covers. Heard from Shuzhen that there are alot shops selling in that area. Well, there are plenty shops selling textile, bedsheets, small cushion covers etc... but not sofa seat cushion covers... Then we managed to find one shop but with limited designs so we continued our searching. We finally found the second shop just when we almost gave up =) Then I bought 2 sets in the end kekeke=p After completed my mission, Major went back home and I went to look for Wanyi and Danny at the hawker centre. Then we walked around Chinatown (AGAIN... for me) before Danny sending us back home.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

a bOrInG & sLeEpY tHuRsDaE!!!

Today Alez is wearing his usual pink color shirt which he always wear it on every Thursday. And I dont know whats got into me as I actually asked him, "Alez, why are u wearing pink today?". Immediately, Shuzhen, Pris, Matthew and he stared at me disbelievingly. Later I realised its all Shuzhen's fault. Coz she emailed Lixiang and I with the subject written as "Tml Thursday!!!". So naturally it gets imprinted into my brain kekeke=p Today I'm bored to death as I have not much things to do and workload will only be increased by tml =) So I have quite some time to spare surfing the internet. And at the same time, Lixiang, Shuzhen and I "communicate" through emails spontaneously.... kekeke=p We were talking abt our recent expenditure - all of us have been spending hundreds over bucks!!! Sighz... and we are expecting more expenses to come =( Think only after CNY then I can cut down (I MUST I MUST!!!), dont spend unnecessarily..... Then we also discussed abt the faithfulness of guys. We agreed on one point which is, RICH guys will NOT be faithful to only ONE gal. Coz we think that if a guy is rich, he tends to think he deserve more he has now... So when that happens he will go find ANOTHER prettier and younger gal... kekee we started on this topic after we said we are very broke and dont mind looking for a rich guy and get married. Then we started saying abt Matthew... kekee=p LX felt relieved as Matthew no longer sms her alone... he also mass-forwards to SZ and I. Before that, we were tensing her abt how come Matthew only sms to her only... kekeee so naughty hor=p Well, going to knock off soon... feeling so happy!!! Im accompanying SZ to TPY after work as she wanted to take alook at the mattresses on sale at the pasar malam... =) Shall contiune again... hope it wont be take too long k!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

fReE aT lOnG lAsT!!!

Feel so relieved now as I managed to finish my work before deadline. Was rushing my work since yesterday and now is all over finally =) Finished at the correct time as CNY is drawing near. kekee=p Right after my tuition, I decided to set a Science Quiz for Wai Cheung. Think have to push him real hard!! Coz his untidiness handwriting is BACK!! And his another bad hahit that angers me alot is incomplete answers/explanations... Sighz already reminded him so many times and yet he turned a deaf ear to it. Guess he has to learn the "hard way" then. I realised I have become a little bit hardworking kekeee=p Coz I read some articles from Readers' Digest on my way home and then started preparing the quiz immediately when I reached home after tuition. =) Hope it will continue... Today we had our lunch at Ah Teck - Alez's idol... according to Shuzhen and Pris hahaaa...=p Well the standard improved - food tasted nice and not too much MSG =) After that, we went to NS for a walk... Sighz and I spent money AGAIN!!! I bought a bright light green top which Pris and I thought its quite worth for money. kekeke=p Reunion dinner!!! A thing which gets all of us so excited over it!!! Everyone is looking forward to next friday... The theme for the dinner is PINK COLOR TOP!!! Gals with that definitely look sweet and so lady-like. Hmm, how abt the GUYS!!?? We, the gals can't wait to see them in pink top!!! kekekkee=p *cheeky winking*... Hmm, why do I feel so sleep after lunch ah? Didnt have a heavy one just now... Maybe because of the office environment - everyone is either glueing their eyes on the screens or attaching their ears to the phones... =p

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

mOnDaE bLuEsss...

Maybe I had ample rest/sleep over the long weekend so dont have to drag myself out of bed for work on Monday morning... =) As usual, I have my breakfast first and check my mailbox before I working. As San Nee will be on leave till tuesday which gave me some time to do some bloggings... kekeke=p And it was such a coincidence, Qiuting msn me telling me that she was blogging too. So we exchanged our links and read each other blogs. Both of us just started it not too long ago - entries not alot. What we had written in common so far is our 2005 resolutions!!! kekee=p Hmm, after much thoughts, there are still alot of things that i wanna achieve in 2005 =) Like hope to do more readings, meetup with old friends, take up new sports or self-enrichment courses, see more friends getting attached and married =p etc... kekeee... As there were not much things to rush and work is forever never ending, I knocked off at the dot whenever I could. =) At first was thinking to go Toa Payoh Central after work but decided not to prevent myself from spending any further =( I have been spending alot and it doesnt include the CNY goodies!!! Sighz... Didnt know that Im such a spendthrift =( And Jinmei and I already agreed to go Chinatown on this Friday... Dont know how much I'll be spending then... =( Shuzhen keep telling me is ok coz not that everytime I'll be spending like this and its just once a year... =) Well, guess this is the only consolation to me in order to make myself feel bttr. Suddenly I had an urge to change my hairstyle!!! Maybe highlighting/dying/coloring/perming. Sighz thats going to another big amt of expenditure... Guess I bttr have my hair done after CNY where the prices will revert back to normal...

Monday, January 24, 2005

lUnCh, sHoPpInG sPrEe cOnTiNuEs..., dInNeR & cOfFeE.... =)

Another tiring day for me though i didnt go for vball at spans. First will be meeting Jinmei and Yanling for lunch as it has been a long long time since we last met up. =) Then NTU friends for dinner followed by V-team group at Haowen's dad's restuarant for dinner again.... hahaa Not dinner again!!! No lah Just meet to get something from Ailing =) Initially my plan was after meeting Jinmei and Yanling in the afternoon then NTU friends then go home. But Ailing smsed me at the last min telling me that she will pass the vcds to me as she is going for the dinner at Specialist Centre. So i have to forgo the dinner with NTU friends. I reached City Hall quite early so went shop alone first. After that, Jinmei joined after her last paper then we decided to hv our lunch at Raffles City level 3, a Jap food restuarant just beside the foodcourt. Yanling was held up at the band so while waiting for her, we ordered salmon sashimi first as we were too hungry. I also passed Jinmei her Xmas gift and her skirt which she asked me to buy 2 months ago!! Sighz was too busy with work then... =( Time was just nice, Yanling arrived at abt the same time the sashimi was being served. kekee=p... Yanling and I ordered the same set meal while Jinmei decided on ramen. The food there was not bad - sashimi fresh and food was served hot to us =) After lunch, we spent hours at Robinson kekee=p First Jinmei wanna buy cultery, it was really cheap!!! But there were no spoons left so she gave up the idea. Next is bedsheets... hahaa that Jinmei replied me something funny when i asked where Yanling was... "Ohh... Yanling ah... she went over that side to see the 'birdshit'..." Both of us burst into laughter right after she finished the sentence... Dont know wat she was thinking that time... kekee=p Later Vincent came and four of us had our dinner at Suntec City. After that, I rushed down to Raffles City Cafe Cartel for a while. People who attended the dinner gathering - Sim Feng, David, Major, Phyllis, Alvin, Siew Pei and her aunt??!!! (think SP went shopping with her aunt before that).... But i think i made a fruitless trip as my main purpose was just pass Cheryl her birthday present and who knows she didnt attend the gathering. Heard from feng that she was at her boyfriend's house for dinner. Anyway I passed it to feng as the possiblity of her meeting cheryl is higher than me. While i was on my way to meet V-team gang, Wanyi smsed me that she already reached and asked me where i was. Luckily, Somerset is just a few MRT stops away from City Hall. So I arrived there before 9pm and they already finished eating... hahhaa=p Cat showed me her "achievements" - 2 pairs of shoes in less than 20 mins i think... kekee=p Ailian also bought one pair!!! Then the worst thing was the 2 "devils" kept persuding me to get one from the shop. I was so tempted but "fortunately" the shop already closed. What a pity!!! kekee=p Think i would get myself one if the shop still open for business coz i like the shoebox very much, it is very unique not like those usual ones. =) Then i asked the group the "xin(1) li(3) zhe(4) yan(4)" that Shuzhen sent me again and again. Coz first i was asking people who sitting near me - Wanyi, Cat, Ailian and Zhiwei. I repeated the qns again when Jimmy choo asked what i was telling them. Followed another request from the other table. Then the last time again to make sure everyone heard me - FOUR TIMES!!! OMG..... The qns is abt the chances of having ONT... hahhaha=P Quite a handful of them has high possiblity of having it. Then they still expecting another qns from me so funny. Can see the disappointment on their faces when i said i had nothing to ask anymore... =p We continued to chitchat for another 15mins or so then left the restuarant. But Haowen and Wanling need to stay back to helpout as the restuarant was shorthanded. The business was extremely good strangely... *shrugging*...... At first Wanling was quite worried that the food was not enough for the gang - they are BIG EATERS!!! Wanyi and I re-assured her that the gang shld know that the restuarant goes for quality not quantity and at most if they still hungry can go for another round at some places rite... kekeke they defintely can afford it!!! =p When we were walking to the carpark, Jimmy Kheng asked Wanyi and I if we were hungry as we didnt eat anything just now. I jokingly said "haiya we dare not to eat coz the dinner is only for V-TEAM lor... somebody only treat V-TEAM and we are not lor..." Then he suggested we go another place then he will treat us... only COLD WATER.... hahaa so bad of him!!! Anyway some of us thought it was still early so wanna go for coffee... I thought of Coffee Club - our usual hangout but we need to walk quite far to there. So we settled for TCC which just a few stones' away... Throughout the conversations at TCC, both Danny and Johan were rather quiet. Guess they were sick and think most of them going to fall sick soon... Bttr take good care friends!!! Attendance at restaurant: My table - Wanyi, Danny, Carol, Cedric, Jimmy Choo, Cat, Ailing, Ailian, Zhiwei and I The other table - Zhiyong, Gerald, Wanling, Haowen, Jimmy Kheng, Don, Johan and Yongxue Attendance at TCC- Wanyi, Danny, Carol, Cedric, Jimmy Kheng, Johan, Zhiyong and I

hOLiDaE - Hari Raja Haji

Well well I was smart to bring forward the tuition... so that i could have the WHOLE DAY for myself!!! And because i already promised my father to go Chinatown with him. That mum of mine even called me on thursday afternoon to remind me abt this matter. But never did i expected that i was down with a flu straight after my tuition so i spent my whole day sleeping... And same goes for my dad kekeke=p Guessed what i got in return for not bringing my parents out, NAGGINGS... Mum has been nagging at me since that day until yesterday night I explained to her. I was actually waiting for dad to wake up till i dozed off but he didnt in the end... kekee wat a lame excuse but i got away with that!!! kekee=p

My bEsT fReNs' BdAeS & sHoPpInG sPrEe

20 Jan was my two best friends' birthdays but too bad unable to celebrate with any of them. Not becoz i was busy it was because one was celebrating with her bf then dinner with her family and the other one having her exams so need to stay home for revisions. Hmm was wondering if both of them were free then i will be in a fix!! Who shld i celebrate with!!! HAHAHA=p Anyway i knocked off on time together with Shuzhen on thursday to do some shopping. First We grabbed a bite at KFC before we start our crazy shopping spree kekee=p Its already 8pm when we reached Orchard and the whole street was already full of people!!! Felt abit giddy seeing so MUCH people =p And we still had to squeeze our ways through... Sighz we were disappointed as little did we know that the shops close at abt 9pm so we only mananged to snatch a few bottles of nail polish. At the end of the 2hrs of shopping, my feets hurt alot sighz... Coz i wore the wrong footwear... Well its an last min decision to go shopping from Shuzhen. =) Despite the pain i was suffering that time, i still limped all the way from Heeren to Shaw House to take bus 105 home =( wat a price to pay!!! grrh.... Then I relaxed my feets by soaking them in warm water during shower, so relieved mann!!! kekee.... After that, i went to bed early as i brought forward my tuition to the next morning. It supposed to be on saturday morning but i thought it would be very rush for me coz im meeting alot of people - Jinmei and Yanling for lunch and NTU friends for dinner... kekeke=p

bRaNd nEw bEgInNiNg

Happy 2005!!! kekee... Been a long long time since i updated my blog=p Previously was really busy at work but now was just plain lazy recently... kekeke=p Hmm, I was so glad that i din have to spent my New Year in the office =) Managed to go off at abt 9 plus kekee...=p So just lazed ard at home for a while then went to Holland village with Wanyi and Danny for supper. As usual, we had our favourites - Muddy Mud Pie and Ice Mocha at Coffee Club. We chose to countdown peacefully instead of joining some of the V-team at Mdm Wong =) Just stepping into 2005 not too long, we heard 3 loud BLANGS... Sad rite, hopefully no one get injured seriously. Have quite abit of time for myself today coz cannot proceed any further for my work due to some reasons hahaa... so trying to blog as much as possible kekee=p Just take a look at the list of things i supposed to do. Hmm, just left 2005 Resolutions kekee not too bad... Not many resolutions this year coz im not an ambitious person but then at one glance seem very hard to fulfill them... My 2005 Resolutions (Not in any priortized order) 1) Get a Driving License (if has extra $$$) 2) Mantain my Weight (Been gaining alot so MUST put a stop to it!!!) 3) Learn Pilates?? 4) Get Permenant Job??? 5) Save up more to get myself a holiday??? 6) Special person into my life???

My bEsT fReN's wEdDiNg!!! - xMaS dAy

Well i had a boring xmas eve coz i spent the whole day in the office sighz... Luckily i had my fren's wedding to make up for that. kekee=p Supposed to stayover at Hongchu's house the night (xmas eve) before her wedding day - xmas day. But who will predict that i need to work till 2am... So i called her at 9plus to tell her that i will go over the next morning and she asked me to reach before 7am... Fortunately i prepared my stuffs before i went to bed... COZ i OVERSLEPT!!! I woke up exactly at 7am!!! Then i realised that i din even set alarm at all.... Panicky I decided to go shower first before calling her then take a cab to her house. But i received her call on my way to the bathroom. Lucky me, managed to reach before the bridegroom.. kekee=p So the rest of the bridemaids briefed me on the games that we would be playing later on... Well little did we expected the bridegroom to be kind of honest and generous. After receiving the first ang pow we were loss for words, dunno we shld continue our plan or let francis off. Because we were quite satisfied with the amt even though it dun considered a big fat ang pow just that we already contented wat we received and most impt... we are a bunch of kind and soft-hearted gals!!! kekeke=p It was a tiring and hectic day for me, especially in the morning... wat a RUSH!! But im so glad that everything went so smoothly =) Hope both of them had a happy and memorable day. Awaiting my another best fren's wedding... keke=p I had gift exchange with my colleages on the 23 Dec 2004 =) It was kind of weird coz the rest of people in the office were just busy working - staring straight into the monitor very focusly except us. =( Nevertheless we exchanged our gifts happily... And everyone of us were so satisfied with wat we had kekee=p Actually i wanna to upload a picture showing all the exchange gifts and "beautify" my blog, but think cannot... coz it only applies to those premier blogers and im not.... Sighz... Just too bad hor...=(


Kekekee, IM BACK... for a while =p After making a trip to the washroom, i realised i missed out smthing yest before i left office which is BACKUP the database! Due to the serious forgetfulness i had been having recently, its safer to write down wati wanna blog... My Kinki's family, Xmas Day celebration, Fren's wedding, 2005 Resolution, etc... And i must also "beautify" my blog... Hmm thats abt all... time to get back to work... =) (Updated: Thursday, 30 December 2004 2:41 AM GMT)


Well just look at today's date, can roughly know how busy was I for the past few days... Was so completely drained out when i reached home and I calculated the average working hrs i HAVE been doing is ard 14 to 15!!! So unbelievable...But as compared to another person, im much bttr off than him. He's none other... our Fix Team Leader, Mr Andrew Ng. As far as i know off, he is always the LAST person to leave the office. He usually go back home ard 3plus. Fortunately, now i hv some time to spare to summarise wat happened in 2004 Dec. Most of the time were just working, i even had to work late on my birthday and also celebrate Xmas day in the office. But its kind of a blessing in disguise coz m working in a very good environment coz pple surrounding me are a bunch of friendly, nice and fun pple =p and working place is very near my home. It takes less than 15 mins to reach home if i hop into a cab. =) Hmm, there was this time where 4 of my colleagues and I left early on a saturday(11/12 if not worng) for a movie, "National Treasure" at Toa Payoh. I think its earliest i ever seen Andrew left office for the first time. Total 5 - him, Daniel, Liqing, Shuzhen and I. I enjoyed the show as it has some storyline to follow and though its not really a comedy but at some parts its quite entertaining. =) Next coming up... will be my DEAREST KINKI's FAMILY... kekeke=p (Updated: Thursday, 30 December 2004 2:17 AM GMT)

sTiLl EarLY..... tAtS wAt ThEy SaY!!!

Last night intended to leave office.... but who knows... THEY said "Still so early..." I wondered how long THEY wanted us to work until... =( (Updated: Thursday, 30 December 2004 1:44 AM GMT)

wAt BrIgHtEnS mI dAe...!!!

It's just another usual normal working day for me until i received my best fren's email when i was having my breakfast... And of coz its a piece of good news if not, it wouldnt got me to start blogging AGAIN... =) I really wish to spread this news to all my frens = sharing happiness among my frens... =p But still i need "permission" from my best fren be it good or bad news rite... Well its kind of respect u could do for a fren or mayb a need from a fren (b respecful to everyone if u need respect from them) Well due to the fact that im still in the office, i shall continue blogging TONIGHT... kekee=p Hope i really keep my own words... =) So see u tonight, BLOG!!! (Updated on Wednesday, 22 December 2004 1:39 PM GMT)